Happy Earth Day!


Celebrating Earth Day would include honoring our pets and animals as well. They are God’s creatures, and could not be here or exist without mother earth. Mother earth provides water, food, and shelter for our beloved family members. Earth Day is not just about recycling and going ‘green’. But honoring all life on our planet, on land and in the waters. I also believe every day should be earth day, a thankfulness and respect for what she has given us.

One way to celebrate with your pet is go for a walk. A common ordinary everyday experience for me. Don’t get in the car to drive to a dog park, walk around your neighborhood. If you have a park close to your house, all the better. Dogs love to just be with you and out of the house.  Tell your dog how much you love them and appreciate them. Pet and cuddle with them when you have time today. Clean your home with non-toxic chemicals or products with strong odors. If it smells bad to us, imagine how it smells to your pooch or kitty. Give yourself and your pet a treat with some aromatherapy. Sit and just ‘be’ with your pet with some quiet time, especially if you had a hectic day, it will be a great treat for both of you.

HALO~10 green pet tips (click image)

ASPCA~Help Lighten Their Carbon Paw Print!

Cutting Back is Going Green
There are plenty of small ways to cut back on energy and materials. Cut down on paper products—clean up pet messes with rags or recycled paper towels.

The Power of Poop
Scoop dog poop with biodegradable bags or those recycled from the grocery store. If you use kitty litter, opt for brands that are made of plant-based materials like wheat or from recycled newspapers or wood chips.

Don’t Shop, Adopt
When searching for your next pet, opt to adopt. There countless numbers of homeless pets looking for a loving home. You’ll save money, resources—and a life.

Spring Cleaning
It’s time for spring cleaning, but before throwing your dusty treasures away, call your local shelter—they may need old towels, bedding, leashes and pet toys.

Save Lives and Trees
Each year, members like you help us save those animals most in need, but did you know when you give online, you are also lowering your carbon footprint? Your online donation today will save lives and trees.

For a full list of ways you can help our environment, check out Go Green for Your Pets.


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