Helping End Greyhound Racing!

I became aware of the how greyhounds are treated inhumanely, when I came upon a homeless greyhound mix at my local groomers. The groomer owner took in the dog after her owner became to ill to care for her. The groomer owner was going to take her, Pudsy, to the shelter after failing to find her a home. I said I will take her, I couldn’t bare to see her go to a shelter. After connecting with my network of ‘dog’ people, I found a local greyhound rescue that was willing to take her. She had to wait to go to the rescue as it was full of greyhounds already, mostly from dog racing.

Pudsy stayed with me for several months before going to the rescue. I fell in love with her! Greyhounds are great dogs! She fit right in with the pack I already had. I live in an apartment and very surprised to learn these accommodations were fine with her. She just wanted to cuddle and you would be surprised at how a 100 pound dog can curl up. I knew she would be happier with a large yard to run in. And boy can she run! We took her to the beach several times.

I learned from the greyhound rescue, Greyhound Adoption Center, about the inhumane treatment of these dogs from racing. It reminds me of a puppy mill, dogs are not cared for and loved, but treated solely as a commodity to make money. Their health, welfare and happiness are of no concern, sadly. I have been a fan of greyhounds ever since, they make wonderful pets! I highly recommend this breed for anyone looking to adopt. Pudsy did get adopted after a short time at the rescue. 🙂 She has a lovely home, parents and a sibling to play with. -Paula

Dogpaddling Through Life

Oh Dog! I am so excited! Today I am talking with Carey M. Theil, Executive Director of GREY2K USA. He’s going to tell us about greyhound racing and why his organization is working to end the practice.

Rumpy: Thanks for being my guest today!

Carey: Our resident greyhound Zoe says “woof.” 🙂

Rumpy: What is greyhound racing anyway?

Carey: Greyhound racing is a commercial industry in which thousands of dogs are used as numbers to gamble on.

Rumpy: Gamble on dogs? This wasn’t even on my radar until I moved to Florida. How many dogs are we talking about?

Carey: Unfortunately, we do not know exactly how many greyhounds are in the racing industry. We do know that in 2012, 10,157 greyhounds were individually registered to race for the first time nationally. We also know that the dog racing industry has estimated that there are as…

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