Petition: End Deadly Injuries to Greyhounds


Target: Sarasota Kennel Club

Goal: Stop unnecessary greyhound deaths due to unsafe race tracks

Greyhound racing is a cruel and inhumane act in and of itself. Beautiful greyhound dogs are cramped in tiny kennels, deprived of social interaction and experiences. Many are killed when they are no longer suitable to race, and others are injured from overexertion or unsafe race tracks, which was the tragic case for two dogs that died on the track at the Sarasota Kennel Club in Florida.

A greyhound, just shy of two-years-old, died suddenly during his third official race at Sarasota. He was reportedly bumped by another dog, stumbled, and “landed on the electrified lure tracks that are located under the guard rail.” The veterinarian’s report was as follows: “Dog fell or was pushed within 20 yards of leaving box. Fell under rail. Death by electrocution, burns on jacket.” Appallingly, the race continued without interruption, despite the dog’s brutal death. The lure track operator reportedly said he was “thankful that no one was seriously injured” following the horrific event.

This was not the only tragic death to occur at the Sarasota track. Only weeks earlier another dog died from similar causes. A state investigation report reveals that 14 greyhounds died at the Sarasota Kennel Club between November 2009 and April 2010, including one instance when three dogs died on the same day. These gentle, hard-working animals deserve so much more. Demand that the Sarasota Kennel Club ensures the safety of all dogs that run on its track, guaranteeing that no more tragic deaths will occur, or that it closes its doors to spare the lives of other greyhounds who are forced to run on this deadly track.

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Dear Sarasota Kennel Club,

Recently a greyhound died of brutal electrocution during a race on your track, a tragedy that was simply swept aside as the race continued on, with no changes being made since to ensure that such a terrible fatality does not occur again. This is not the only death that has occurred at your facility. According to state reports, in recent years 14 deaths had occurred over the span of a short five-month period. Only weeks before the recent tragedy another greyhound died of similar causes. Doing nothing to better your track in order to prevent these unnecessary deaths is despicable and cruel.

I urge you to either take drastic measures to ensure that your facility is safe for the greyhounds who are forced to race there, to ensure that no more innocent animals die at the Sarasota Kennel Club, or close your doors for good. Greyhound racing is a cruel practice in and of itself, but allowing the dogs who race at your facility to encounter such horrific sudden death and injury is unimaginable. Put an end to such tragedy today.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Adam J.W.C. via Wikimedia Commons


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