Tea Tree Herbal Salve

Sweet pea patch at the barn.

Summers Past Farms

I bought tea tree herbal salve, a natural antiseptic, at Summers Past Farms. I bought it to use on my daughter, she fell off a horse and had some scrapes and abrasions. Then I used it on my daughter’s shih tzu’s hot spots, my cat’s wounded paw and a sore on my golden’s tail. It has so many uses and replaced so many unnecessary products in my medicine cabinet. Oh, and I also use it on my dogs paws, they were very rough and the hot pavement does not help. (watch your pet’s paws on hot pavement and sidewalks). Their paws are silky smooth and I am sure feels a lot better!

Our wisteria arbor.

Summers Past Farms

I use natural products on my pets, they are safer and cost-effective. My cat and shih tzu licked the salve and they are fine, but use with caution, tea tree oil can be toxic to ingest and you do not want to put pure tea tree oil on skin. I used in an open wound on my cat’s paw and wrapped for three days, it healed quickly. I changed her dressing everyday.

Tee tree  herbal salve  is only $7.95 for 2 0z. Ingredients: sweet almond oil, olive oil, beeswax, wheatgerm oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera. Infused with  lavender flowers, calendula, chamomile, rose geranium leaf, rosemary leaf, comfrey leaf, lavender, ylang ylang and tea tree essential oils. Great for dry hands, best for cuticles and the feet! Beeswax holds in moisture and keeps out germs. (ingredients are not listed in order of quantity as in food and other products)

our cat Chamomile

Chamomile the Cat

Summers Past Farms they grow their own herbs and make their own salve and other products. butterfly on white flowersMarshall and Sheryl Lozier are the proprietors. Over the years, Summers Past Farms has been featured in quite a few magazines. They have been named “Best Herbs” in the Best of San Diego edition of San Diego Magazine’s June 2005 Issue. Click here to see other notable magazine articles written about Summers Past Farms. Check in your area if you have a farm of this kind or you can shop online at Summers Past Farms.




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