I’m So Happy to Be Back!

DogCartoonblogI am so glad to be back! I really missed writing and sharing. All is well. My pack is happy and healthy. My foster dog is catching flies as I write this. I am practicing animal communication now. I read Marta Williams’ book, Learning Their Language and am reading The Language of Animals by Carol Gurney. Marta’s book is awesome, she has lots of exercises to practice communication, it is telepathy. I did pretty good on her exercises. What I really liked about Marta’s book is it goes beyond animal communication and has a chapter on wildlife and communicating with nature, plants, trees, rocks, etc.


Cover of "The Language of Animals: 7 Step...


As a Reiki practitioner, I already had the mindset to communicate with rocks, plants, mountains, etc. Did you know you can even talk to those pest insects, like fleas. I highly recommend Learning Their Language. The most important steps to animal communication are relax, open your heart and connect with the animal, heart to heart.


If you don’t think your dog understands, watch his reaction when you are going to give him a bath or take him to the vet. What is his reaction when going for a walk? They understand more than we realize, can pick up on our energy whether it is positive or negative. Have you ever been ill or sad and your dog will stay by your side?


Have fun with this if you would like to try listening to your pet. I believe our pets talk to us all the time and we don’t realize it. One thing I realized, when I get the idea to take one of my dog’s somewhere, it is coming from the dog. I had always thought it was coming from me.


Just for fun, see how many ideas come to you pertaining to your pets. Like taking them somewhere, buying them a toy, or playing with them. One of the exercises Marta Williams has on her blog is just talk to your dog like any other person, out loud, for two weeks and see if there is any changes. I tried this and could see a different relationship, deeper relationship with my pets!



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