The Beauty Within

I read this touching story by Michele Santom on the SARA site, Shelter Animal Reiki Association. This is the story of Michele having pets as ‘show’ animals and then owning a pet grooming salon. She was focused on the outside beauty of animals.

One day she was jolted to awaken when a vet tech told her that a particular Maltese she was showing was “not happy” and she was warned to get her home as soon as possible.  At that time, Michele was so wrapped up in all the reasons why she loved dog shows and failed to see that this little dog did not.

In her search to find something to give back to the animals she discovered Reiki, animal Reiki. And finally came across SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association). Offering this wonderful Reiki to shelter animals, what a great way to give back. She started taking courses with two very accomplished ladies Kathleen Prasad and Leah D’Ambrosio from SARA.

This connection (energy) is available to all of us if we take the time to be still and listen with our hearts. You, also, can give this gift of love to your animals.  Schedule a session for your animal friend or better yet learn these wonderful, life changing techniques so you can share this special connection with your beloved pet.

I also practice Reiki since 2010. I was intrigued with animal Reiki as I work with rescue dogs and I pet sit. I practice on my own animals, foster dogs and any other pets I come across, there are so many animals that need our help! Reiki can be used at a distance as well which makes it easier to help more animals. Sometimes I send Reiki through a picture, intention is the key. I am going one step further now and practicing animal communication, listening to the animals- and nature. This is a work in progress as is Reiki. You never stop learning! -Paula

Note:  If you would like to learn more about Animal Reiki, please visit our website Kathleen Prasad will be teaching the Animal Reiki Teacher Training Course at the CARE Foundation in February 2014. You can learn more about animal Reiki classes here. To find out more about the CARE Foundation, please visit



7 thoughts on “The Beauty Within

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    • Your story is great and Reiki and animal communication is real! I have been practicing animal reiki for 3 years and am learning animal communication now. Everyone can do both of these. However, I have never heard of a DOG being certified to practice Reiki. That was a shock to me. Animals do love to get Reiki but have never heard of animals giving it to theirself. Reiki is universal energy, that flows through you and everyone can access this energy. Reiki is great for animal’s well being as well as for physical or emotional trouble.

      • Interestingly, Jackie – the practitioner – had also said that my Therapist’s Pit (Coco Bella) could practice Reiki as well. I admit i looked at her strangely when she said it but you have to meet this dog! If you believe in reincarnation as i now do, I fully think she is a wise soul from many former lifetimes. Truthfully I do not see Ca$h as being that ‘tuned in’ ha, ha, but who’s to say? I’m sure you have seen some pretty amazing things yourself!

      • Very interesting! at this point in my life I think anything is possible. I do believe in reincarnation. People into animals and vice versa. I had just never thought of an animal giving reiki and have never heard of it, that doesn’t mean it isn’t so. There is a lady here in CA, Laurie Reyon and she gets messages from her cat, Puddah. Master Puddah is a Being of Ascended Master energy. “He” has incarnated into the body of a cat five separate times during Laurie Reyon’s life. Her website is I have met them both and Puddah looks like an average everyday cat.

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