Is This Play Okay?

This article makes some excellent points and will help you decide if your dogs are playing too ruff. I always say, you know your dog best, but guidance and tips are helpful. I have heard don’t play tug-o-war with your pets, it makes them aggressive. Hogwash! This is my 12 year old golden’s favorite game and she is the most tolerant dog I have ever seen. My lab mix gets in her face and just barks, which is really loud, and my golden just moves her head. I usually have to tell the lab mix to knock it off. She is only wanting to play and a two year old. Terrible two’s. 🙂 -Paula

Wilde About Dogs

2 snarls edit crop smallA woman asked me recently whether I thought the play happening between her own dogs was worrisome. She was concerned because one dog would nip at the other’s legs almost incessantly, and the behavior seemed like the genetically watered down version of how wild animals bring down prey. The dogs were about the same size and, outside of play, got along well. Without seeing video or knowing more it was impossible to give a definitive response, but my question was, “How does your other dog react?” She said the other dog didn’t seem to have a problem with it at all, and play normally continued with both parties enthusiastically involved. That, then, is the answer—it’s not a problem.

Dogs have their own individual styles, both during play and while issuing an invitation to play. While some use the traditional play bow to engage another dog, others will stand still and…

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