Meet Tashi, the Meditation Dog

07:00 PM, Monday, August 12, 2013
Tashi is trained in both Tibetan and English.

Tashi is trained in both Tibetan and English.
There is an old expression about a boy and his dog, but in this case it is a Tibetan spiritual teacher and his dog. Tashi, a 7-year-old Pomeranian, is the resident dog at the DKC Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Center in Escondido. Tashi is a very special dog who was given to Drupon Samten, the spiritual leader of the center, and his long time assistant and fellow animal lover, Ani Chodron.

Tashi is an important and devoted member of the center. He is very smart and likes to take part in all of the center’s activities. When construction and landscaping were being done at the center, Tashi worked alongside Drupon fetching whatever tool he needed.  Tashi is trained in both Tibetan and English. For several years, DKC held special fundraising events to cover the cost of the construction and Drupon worked closely with Tashi, teaching him many clever tricks. They put on a successful show that delighted the audience. To this day, Tashi will lie down and pray, do prostrations, and chant with Drupon.

Drupon thinks he is a very compassionate dog who is tuned into others and wants to please. If Drupon is sick, Tashi never leaves his side. He also likes to get close to lizards and bunnies, but will not chase them. He likes to join the others during the meditation ceremonies and remains calm and quiet. He gives healing and company. Finally, he also knows how to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Tashi loves to wear the Tibetan meditation hat and robe that Drupon made especially for him, and Drupon even grooms Tashi himself.

Tashi will pose for pictures and delights in knowing others are enjoying his antics. He is truly a treasured member at the DKC Tibetan Meditation Center. For more information on the center, visit their website:

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3 thoughts on “Meet Tashi, the Meditation Dog

    • Love hearing from you Kuruk! 🙂 I am so happy your mama rescued you and you have a happy loving home. I find that dogs adjust a lot better than ppl for the tragedies they have endured. Keep smilin’ and visiting.

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