Guinea Pigs for Adoption in AK Rescue

Source: Anchorage Animal Care and Control Center’s Blog

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Here is the Mix 103.1 Pet of the Week:

guinea pigs

We currently have SIX guinea pigs up for adoption!  Snowwhite and Tinkerbell are adult females, and we also have four little ones who are not fully grown yet!  Guinea pigs can be endearing, wonderful pets.  They live 5-7 years on average, love to play, and will frequently greet you with chirps or purrs once they get to know you.  Guinea pigs are very social, and do best in pairs.  The four little ones, for example, could be adopted as a group, or in pairs, and being siblings that already enjoy each other’s company, you’ve got a ready made family!  As cute as they come! They can be adopted for $5 each, or $10 for a pair!


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