Help Save Elephants Like Adam

I don’t usually make this kind of post, even though I think all animals should be protected. I don’t want to bombard my readers with ‘save the animals’ posts. However, about a week ago when I awoke the name Adam was practically shouting in my head repeatedly. I didn’t understand why this name came to me and was so loud. Maybe this is why! I found this in my email today, dated Aug 15th. (my emails do get piled up) I don’t know anyone named Adam.


Urgent: bull elephants in Cambodia need your help now.

Caring for bull elephants is incredibly difficult. They are intelligent, but also powerful, with immense size and strength and an instinctive desire to physically compete with other males. To protect human caretakers, other elephants, and the bulls themselves, care facilities must include adequate containment. Providing both natural habitat and safe methods of containment and introduction is such a challenge that accredited zoos find it hard to accomplish.

The Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary is home to 1,000,000 acres of the last unmined jungle in the country. The sanctuary hopes to create a sustainable wild herd in an area safe from human encroachment. Massive teak, mahogany, and rubber trees form the canopy, mingling with native vines and other indigenous grasses and plants to produce entirely natural surroundings for these elephants.

In order to rescue and safely release bull elephants into this waiting habitat, it is vital that the Sanctuary have a fence capable of containing them. In addition to protecting the elephants, construction of a bull-safe enclosure will also provide many meaningful, secure jobs for Cambodians, reducing the need to log Cambodia’s remaining trees or poach vulnerable wildlife to survive.

You can help rescue these intelligent creatures from a lifetime of captivity. Help us fund the construction of a safe bull enclosure, and save lives.

Save Elephants Like Adam

Adam, the particularly large, magnificent 25-year-old bull elephant pictured above, is enslaved in a Cambodian logging camp. Without aid, he is doomed to a life of of pulling stumps and dragging massive logs. He either works or is chained to a tree. In his current environment, he has absolutely no hope of freedom.

World Elephant Day logoThe Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary has successfully convinced his owners to release him to them, and has also secured a rare permit from the government to allow his transport within the country. With your help, we hope to help save this remarkable animal and others like him. He could be the first breeding bull released onto sanctuary land, perhaps to start an entirely new herd of wild, free elephants in Cambodia.

August 12 is World Elephant Day. What better way to recognize such a day could there be? Help us save elephants like Adam. Donate today.

The Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary was developed in partnership with the government of the Kingdom of Cambodia. This million acre sanctuary strives to protect native species and their habitats while employing local Cambodian villagers and improving their economy. The goal is to convert local Cambodian villagers from subsistence living by employing the same people who were logging and poaching the land, to protect their rich jungle land and its animals.

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    • Hi, Thanks for visiting and your comment! Bless you and the elephants. If anyone can spare time, money or resources to help animals, it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. Be a voice for endangered or abused animals. THANKS

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