I Dedicate This Blog to Lexis

lexis at beach

Sexy Lexi

I dedicate this blog to my beautiful golden, Lexis. That’s her in the header. I took her in 4 years ago when her owner could no long care for her. She is now 11 years old, my best friend and companion, surrounded by siblings and lots of love. She likes everyone (human and animal) she meets and will bring one of her toys to you when you visit. We both love the beach, our favorite place. She is great with my foster dogs, teaches them, shows boundaries, how to play and be friends. She never has a cross word to say, very patient and tolerant. She sounds like the perfect dog, well she pretty much is. (no prejudice)  🙂

Lexis has been slowing down and has had trouble getting up on the couch, jeep and bed. These simple things were just getting harder for her to do. She still ran and swam at the beach, but takes a day to recuperate. The other day, Thursday-Aug. 29th, 2013, she began to lay around a lot more, eating less; I thought it is because of the heat. By Thursday evening she could not even stand or sit, let alone walk. It was heart breaking. I imagined her creeping along for a while before getting to this stage. Although I saw the signs, it practically happened overnight where she couldn’t use her legs at all.

Little Heidi Riding Hood and Lexis (Miss Sunshine)

Little Heidi Riding Hood and Lexis (Miss Sunshine)

I made her a make-shift sling to support her back end and use this to take her potty outside after watching her fall. I bring her food and water to her bed (ortho), now I think she is ‘milking’ getting human food, since she won’t eat her kibble. She did improve today and ate and drank more. Sometimes I think I can use this sling and she will be fine and then sometimes I look at her and feel so sad at her deteriorated quality of life. It has been a real roller coaster of emotion. Do I end this poor quality of life or do I do whatever it takes to make her comfortable?

Needless to say I have been very torn since then. She is not in pain, or else the decision to put her to ‘sleep’ would be an easy one. I say don’t give up! Half of the comments I received say put her down and the other half say don’t. In the end, it is my decision and will do what I think is best for my Lexi, her nickname, also known as Sexy Lexi, Bright Eyes, Lexicon and Golden Girl. I have prayed a lot and giving her Reiki (Ray-kee), touch healing system using universal/life force energy from the Divine Source. Reiki is not a cure all, but goes where it is needed most for the greatest good of the animal. Reiki also helps animals (and people) transition-pass on. I did find an interesting website for those plagued with this dilemma-http://www.naturescornermagazine.com/help_companions.html. This site gives you a quality of life assessment. Frankly, Lexis failed.

There's the monkey she won. She loves it! I keep it on her bed.

There’s the monkey she won. She loves it! I keep it on her bed.

I have researched euthanasia in California. If and/or when this needs to be done, I do not want her last moments on earth to be in a cold steel vets office. So I looked at having someone come here, at $300 and up, not an option, on a tight budget. (My pet peeve is charging ridiculous prices for pet services, products). It’s like low-income or people on a budget are not deserving of pets. REALLY! I thought the perfect solution for me is to buy an injection from a vet and give her the shot myself. Apparently in California only a vet or shelter employee can do this, not for the regular ‘joe’ pet owner.

I am taking one day at a time. I love my Lexi with all my heart and everything I write about animal welfare and humane treatment, I believe with all my heart. On a side note, can’t believe the timing for me to see this. I was walking to my local convenience store and there laying beside the dumpster in the back was a huge dead dog. He made ‘Hooch’ look small and was of similar build. He had a large garbage bag over his head and one over his back legs. I wasn’t kidding about being huge. He had a wound on his chest with blood dripping from it. Also a tight-ass collar. The store owner called animal control. I saw the police, a station is practically next door. I told the police to also call animal control, thinking maybe they would come quicker. I went there over an hour later and the poor dog is still there. So sad. Here I am trying everything to keep my dog alive and I see this inhumane treatment of this poor dog. I just don’t get people who treat animals this way!

Lexis at Fiesta Islan

Fiesta Island, she loves rolling in the grass.

I talked to Lexis a long time today, like I would a friend. I was making her a FB page and telling her all about it. Showing her pictures I put on it. Telling her about writing this post. She actually responded more than I have seen in days. I was not frantic with her today, but talking as if there was nothing going on, like any other day. I did  whatever to make her comfortable. I’ll give updates on my Lexi. You can see more of her on the ‘Golden Girl’ tab. Please feel free to comment with any advice, opinions or your story of dealing with this horrible dilemma . Thanks


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