Diapers for Chickens…Really?

Clucking all the way to the bank: A hen models a polka-dot diaper from MyPetChicken.com, a multimillion-dollar business that sells everything from chicken caviar treats to day-old birds.

You think our dogs and cats are spoiled? Now, our pet chickens are, too! Yes, this is a real product for chickens, brainchild of Julie Baker. When her chickens started spending more time in the house, she sewed a cloth diaper, added some buttons and the chicken diaper was born. Pampered Poultry ships out about 50 to 100 diapers a week to urban farmers around the country.

Apparently more and more people are keeping chickens in their home. Since they don’t use the litter box like our pet kitty, they use diapers! For everything chicken visit MyPetChicken.com. And I mean everything!

Ryan Slabaugh, editor of Backyard Poultry magazine, says. “I bet close to 50 percent of our readers have chickens around for companionship rather than for any real agricultural purposes.”

The diapers come in a variety of colors and sizes from X-small to large. So how exactly do you measure your chicky for this incredible product?

How to Measure Your Chicken for Diapers

How do you diaper your chicken? Well, we have a video for that. I showed my little Shih Tzu, Heidi, this video and she watched intensely. She was probably thinking how good that chicken would taste. Chicken is her favorite!

In addition to the chicken diaper, you can also get chicken saddles for those annoying roosters that just won’t leave you alone. These also come in a variety of colors and sizes. You want your saddle to fit perfect for those not so gentlemen callers. And for those special occasions, Pampered Poultry has matching dress and diaper. Oh yes, Amazon carries the chicken diaper as well.

Sources: PetsLady, Pampered Poultry, NPR


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