$5K Reward for ‘Puppy Doe’ Torturer Info in Boston

‘Puppy Doe’ is a 1 to 2 year old pit bull who was found by a good Samaritan weighing only 18 pounds and unable to walk. She was sadly put to sleep that day. They found that she had her limbs pulled apart in addition to being beaten, stabbed and burned.

The Animal Rescue League of Boston is offering $5,000 for the tip that leads authorities to the person who tortured her and left  for dead in a Quincy park last month.

Authorities urge people with information on the case to contact the Animal Rescue League at (617) 226-5610 or email cruelty@arlboston.org; or contact Quincy police Det. Thomas Pepdjonovich at (617) 745-5774.

The agency, along with Quincy cops, have received hundreds of phone calls about the case. I would like to know where were the phone calls while this was going on? It is a little late to help this poor dog and I can’t imagine how much she suffered during her short life!  I do hope the abusers are caught and punished, however it will not bring back this poor tortured dog.

Please report animal abuse to your local animal services or humane society! Animals feel pain and suffer just like people!

There are many dogs and animals that are abused that do not get this kind of attention. My personal thanks to all those who have donated and called in trying to help.

Source: Boston Herald


5 thoughts on “$5K Reward for ‘Puppy Doe’ Torturer Info in Boston

  1. i cannot imagine the hatred that lives within this sadist. to do such horrific things to a helpless puppy.i hope he/she is caught and punished to the fullest expent of the law so that he/she cannot do this another helpless animal/person.

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