First Autumnal Swim

Beautiful photos of what I call a ‘simple’ life. This is heaven on earth!

Heroes 'N Pirates

The autumnal equinox was this past Sunday, 9/22/13.  Today, Monday, was a beautiful day and it looked like Mak wanted to give the lake another go so I took him along.  Once at the water’s edge he eyed the pond dubiously.  SAM_0649But at my coaxing, decided “what the hell,” and jumped.SAM_0651As soon as he was off, he was happy, churning for the other side or dad’s we’re-going-back-now command, which ever came first.SAM_0653

SAM_0656Sitting on the buoy – best way to take photos while “swimming.”SAM_0665This is when I always wish we had all afternoon to swim and play.SAM_0670And the return swim was bitter sweet as always.  I dragged along, trying to make it last.SAM_0673

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