Facebook fans rally around burned pit bull after he helps save family

Another testament to the loyalty and bravery of a pit bull to his humans. These folks could use some help with the dog’s vet bills to help him with his burns over 30% of his body. Thanks

Update on Onyx from UF! 🙂
Onyx update: He is hanging on, but still suffers from severe ocular damage from the fire, and secondary kidney complications. Today Dr. Brumfield transported Onyx to University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine‘s small animal hospital so that he can receive care from a variety of board-certified specialists. They admitted Onyx right away and had a veterinary ophthalmologist come in this afternoon to assess Onyx’s eyes and add to his treatment if possible. The UF doctor complimented Northwood on our high quality of care for Onyx, and will continue specialized treatments in Gainesville to give him the best chance to recover. Thank you to everyone for your positive thoughts and donations – without them, Onyx’s family would not be able to afford the intensive treatment he needs to recover from such a tragic incident. We will keep you all updated as his recovery continues.

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