Teacher Locks His Staffy Puppy in Trunk for Hours

Students bust sick teacher who locked puppy in the trunk of his car FOR FOUR HOURS

A high school teacher, Mathew Emans, in Fort Myers, Florida put his staffordshire bull terrier, Oakley, in the trunk of his car while teaching classes. Really?

Students watched him walk the dog around. Then, they saw him stuff the poor little puppy back in the trunk and head back to class. What!? The students told a staffer at the school what they had observed.

Lee County Domestic Animal Services was called to the scene. Emans surrendered the puppy to animal services. Officers transported her to the agency’s veterinary clinic for care.

They say the puppy was panting heavily and in need of water.

Ria Brown with Animal Services says the trunk was registering 157 degrees. She says when they asked Emans why he did it, he said he was only working half a day. School officials claimed he was scheduled all day. But it doesn’t matter if it was for 1 second!

Emans was charged with misdemeanor Animal Cruelty, which is punishable by up to one year in jail and/or a $5,000 fine. Oakley is available for adoption.

Interested adopters may complete an application online at www.LeeLostPets.com, or go to the shelter at 5600 Banner Drive, Fort Myers, to submit an application.

Animal services adds that anyone with information regarding animal abuse should call them at (239) 533-7387. (Ft. Myers, FL)

A big THANKS to these two students who reported Oakley’s abuse! If they said nothing, Oakley would be in doggy heaven.  The names of the students are not mentioned in the article.


Sources: Yahoo News, NBC


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