Halo for Blind Dogs

Kristin from blogpaws.com saw my post about living with a blind Shih Tzu. In my blog post I said I teased my daughter about Zeus, her blind Shih Tzu, needed a helmet because he was always  running into things. He didn’t hurt himself and more funny than anything. He looked like a pin ball. Zeus hardly runs into anything now. Blind dogs learn where the furniture is and lay out of their surroundings.

Kristin was heading to a meeting with Sylvie from Muffinshalo.com – She makes inflatable halos for blind dogs! How cool is that? So I had to share this product with you.


Muffin’s Halo has soft angel wings that sit on the dog’s neck to protect their head and shoulder area, designed to protect them from bumping into walls and other objects. It is lightweight  and fits comfortably with adjustable velcro straps. This halo does not hinder their normal daily activity. Muffin’s Halo also comes in a quarterback and butterfly style.

Silvie Bordeaux invented the halo out of love and devotion for MUFFIN BORDEAUX, a 12 year old Toy Poodle who lost his sight last year due to cataracts. Muffin began bumping into walls, fell down the stairs and became depressed and immobile, as he attempted to transition. His mother. Silvie, was heartbroken and determined to find a solution for her beloved dog. After doing some extensive research, she realized there is a great need for products to assist blind dogs, so she created Muffin’s Halo and is now dedicated to assisting blind/visually impaired dogs and their caring owners.


Muffin’s Blind Dog Clubhouse is a clothing line specifically for visually impaired dogs.


Contact for Muffin’s Halo:
Silvie Bordeaux

Patented Product Made with love in the USA


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