Indiana Amish Puppy Mill (video)

Source: PetShopPuppies

Many people are not aware of where those cute little puppies in the puppy store comes from. They just see this bundle of love. Puppy mills are in the business of making money, not in humane treatment of dogs. Puppy mill dogs are kept in small cages, no exercise, no medical treatment, wire beneath their feet to let waste fall to the ground to save on scooping up poop. They are killed when no longer produce puppies and some vocal cords cut for barking. Debarking is a procedure in which a dog’s vocal cords are cut to eliminate its ability to bark.

There are millions of dogs, cats, bunnies and even guinea pigs waiting to be adopted in a loving home. Please visit your local shelter, humane society, or animal rescue group. If you are not familiar with these, go to petfinder, enter your location, species, age, sex you are looking for and petfinder will do the work for you. Just a couple of clicks and you’re done. Shelter and rescue pets are listed here. Home of 373,843 adoptable pets from 13,624 adoption groups.


6 thoughts on “Indiana Amish Puppy Mill (video)

  1. Wouldn’t find him guilty of animal cruelty? Then what the hell does constitute it? That poor dog had it leg bitten off and wasn’t treated, if that’s not cruelty what is? To say nothing of the abhorrent conditions. So glad these hell holes are illegal in the UK

    • i agree it IS animal cruelty. it is the twisted thinking of the mayor of that community that thinks this is OK. thanks for your comment!

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