Raise Your Hand if you Had a Pet Squirrel!

Raise your hand if you had a squirrel for a pet. My family had 3 baby fox squirrels when I was a kid. They fell out of their nest and my mom took them home to raise. And raise them ,we did, with eyedroppers, blankets and love. They eventually got a condo cage and then back into the wild. Well, by wild, I mean a house and yard in KY that is as big as a small country.

JoJo in the house.

The following video reminded me of that time. A time when life was so carefree!  This video was posted by SHARKSWHALESANIMALS on September 14, 2010. A Mississippi couple says their cat has adopted a squirrel that now purrs like a kitten. Is it a squirrel or cat? A catirrel.


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