ZuZu’s Challenge Day 21: Tell Me A Story

You read to your kids. What about reading to your pets?

Me, You and Zu

Read to your pet today and tell us how it went.

I’ve done some research on reading to your pets, how it can help you bond and increase their intelligence. So I’ve taken to having reading sessions with the 4-legged ones. They tend to be short. The cats don’t like being forced to be near each other and ZuZu would rather play with her toys. I started reading Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman but we only made it a few pages so I decided on something a little less intense for them… children’s books. My favorite as a child was Digby and Kate.

Digby and Kate

Book pages

Roma was sleeping on one of ZuZu’s dog beds so I decided that would be the perfect spot. I snagged Chubbs on my way over but she wasn’t in the mood to be held and was a bit feisty. I’ll be honest…I lured them in with catnip. But…

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