Dog Rules for Humans

All these rules apply to me!

11. Don’t expect me to walk around you if your are in my way, you must move.

12. If you move from your spot on the couch, it is mine.

13. All leftovers go to me.

14. All pillows and blankets belong to me.

15. It wasn’t me, it was the cat!

Source: Nikkie Nightingale


5 thoughts on “Dog Rules for Humans

  1. This is exactly how all my dogs are. How funny. Do you know where I could get a poster of this? I would love to have this on my wall at work (I’m a dog groomer).

  2. If you don’t mind, can I like to this from the FaceBook page of the dog rescue for which I volunteer? It would most likely be Monday. So I’d load the pic, provide the link, and give you credit in the post.

      • Pittie Me Rescue (dot org 😉 )
        I just started last week. SO much fun! I’ve been posting on their FB page all week. I’m now heading out for “Motorcycles on Main” where they’re hosting an adoption and tomorrow is an adoption event at a tattoo shop. LOL. I LOVE that their adoptions are at places that “match” the bully breed and aren’t just in front of pet stores, like everyone else. Really fun group of people, too. 🙂

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