Matthew Kennedy: Ceramic Tattoo Artist

Tribal Glass Cat Urn

Japanese Tiger Urn

Jimi Hendrix~Ceramic Tattooed Tile

Mr. Miyagi Bonsai

Nikki Sixx Vase

Matthew Kennedy makes ceramic tattoo art. He uses a tattoo gun on ceramic pottery. As you can see, he is very talented, he makes his own pottery and tattoos on the design. He makes memorial pet and human urns, ceramic tiles, and vases. He is making a memorial urn for my Lexi, too. You can view the urn in progress here.

Artist Statement: The pure energy that comes through my spirit and into my hands creates a centering effect within me and what I create. The passion I have for the art of tattooing comes through in each piece bringing design inspiration into form. My work is simple and elegant. It gives me pleasure to bare my soul to you.

Matt’s Bio



Phone: 805-765-1113
Simi Valley, CA

HeARTs Speak unites and supports artists who provide their talents to animal welfare organizations and the communities they serve. Artist members provide creative services to local organizations, directly impacting their respective missions, through Art.


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