Connecticut’s ‘Puppy Mill Task Force’

Puppies are treated inhumanely to say the least at puppy mills. The dogs are only there to produce puppies and nothing more. They are kept in wire cages, hurting their feet, not given proper medical care, and discarded when they no longer produce puppies. Learn the real story about the cute lil’ puppy in the pet store window!

Animal Blawg

Olivia Marotta

puppymill copyConnecticut is one step closer to banning puppy mills. Legislation was recently introduced to prohibit the operation of animal mills in Connecticut and to ban the sale of dogs and cats that were obtained from animal mills. The bill, H.B. 5027, entitled, “An Act ­Prohibiting the Sale of Dogs and Cats Obtained from Substandard Domestic Animal Mills and Requiring a Standard of Care Applicable to Animal Importers,” is notable for publicly acknowledging the horrid, cruel conditions from where many pets come and is the first major step in bringing reform for the animals who are forced to suffer lifelong abuse and neglect. 

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