BLM Strips 668 Wild Horses of their Freedom, Releases 38 Stallions and 40 Chemically Spayed Mares

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Report by Carol Walker ~ Wild Horse Freedom Federation Advisory Board
Forward by R.T. Fitch ~ co-founder/president Wild Horse Freedom Federation

“It’s over, the BLM’s war on wild horses in Wyoming has concluded with a total of 668 horses ripped from their families and freedom.  The BLM walks away with a smile on their face while the Cattoors have a nice fat paycheck for the holidays, thanks to you taxpayers.  Wild Horse Freedom Federation‘s Carol Walker was on hand for the release of the 40 PZPed mares, yesterday, but was not present for the alleged release of 38 studs on Sunday as tax paying Americans were forbidden and banned from the operation.  You can view the BLM’s official reports by clicking (HERE).

Below is a brief report from Carol who braved minus 10 degree temps and being that all wild horse and burro harassment operations are officially…

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