Dear California Animal Advocates

Dear California Animal Advocates,

California’s 2014 legislative session begins tomorrow, and I cannot wait to see what we can do together this year.As residents of California, we sometimes tend to assume that our elected leaders will automatically be allied to the cause of animal protection. However, the progress California continues to make each year is not accidental: it is the result of your effective efforts to engage your legislators and governor in an ongoing dialogue about animal welfare in California.And sometimes, the most pivotal successes come in the form of stopping harmful legislation. In 2013, large-scale agricultural interests spearheaded an effort to pass legislation that would have helped factory farms cover up animal cruelty. The ASPCA worked with citizens and a diverse coalition to educate members of the Legislature about the dangers this bill posed to farm animals. Months of hard work reaching out to legislators resulted in the bill being killed.

In the wake of the successful defense against the ag-gag bill, the 2013 session moved on to more positive actions for animals:

  • A.B. 339 by Assemblyman Roger Dickinson tightened restrictions on the sale of live animals at specific venues including swap meets, where conditions are rarely suitable for animals.
  • A.B. 265 by Assemblyman Mike Gatto removed obstacles for local jurisdictions to construct dog parks.
  • A.B. 789 by Assemblyman Das Williams and A.B. 1213 by Assemblyman Richard Bloom enacted new requirements for wildlife trapping. The new laws benefit both companion animals, who may fall victim to vicious traps, and our state’s bobcat population.
  • S.B. 132 by Senator Jerry Hill will prevent the needless killing of mountain lions who do not pose immediate danger to humans.
  • A.B. 711 by Assemblyman Anthony Rendon banned lead hunting ammunition, protecting both wildlife at risk of ingesting contaminated remains and California’s diverse ecosystem. Despite heavy opposition, Assemblyman Rendon was able to navigate A.B. 711 through the legislative obstacle course to the governor’s desk.

Most of these measures took effect on January 1.

California continues to lead the way in animal welfare. To Governor Jerry Brown, to the authors who carried these bills, to all the legislators who stood up in support of animals, and to you, the advocates who made it all happen, the ASPCA thanks you.


Kevin O’Neill
Senior State Legislative Director, Western Region
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

P.S.– Governor Brown signed all six of these measures into law. I have one final request: Will you please take a moment to call him at (916) 445-2841 and thank him for his support for animals?


2 thoughts on “Dear California Animal Advocates

  1. I would like to know if their is legislation requiring mandated reporting of animal cruelty by professionals. I couldn’t find any in CA.

    • I do not know of any mandated legislation requiring reporting animal cruelty. I would hope that if a professional or anyone witnesses animal cruelty they would report it. I sure would!

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