Olympic Animal Sanctuary Survivors Need Your Help

Organizer: Lionel’s Legacy Senior Dog Rescue Beneficiary: Lionel’s Legacy

Buddy, Crockett, Fergus, Jesse, and Rainbow from Olympic Animal Sanctuary all need your help! They’ve survived the worst and now have a second chance with extensive rehabilitation and your support!

A few days before Christmas 2013, a cargo truck loaded up and left Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Forks, WA. The truck was heading to an undisclosed location and we all feared the worst. Where were the dogs of OAS? Were they even still alive? Where were they going?

You would think animals would be safe and loved in an animal sanctuary. People put their trust in Steve Markwell at OAS. Sadly, this is not the case. Crates were stacked on top of each other, animals dying, empty and dry food and water bowls, lying in feces and urine, a life of hell in a crate with no access to outside, animals suffering from injuries and little to no medical treatment.

On Christmas eve the truck arrived in Arizona where Guardians of Rescue were waiting to receive the animals. The animals were signed over and volunteers frantically began building kennels and identifying animals.

We were particularly interested in the whereabouts and condition of 5 dogs- Buddy, Crockett, Fergus, Jesse, and Rainbow. These dogs came from a local southern California shelter and some of our close family and friends knew these dogs. They all had various reasons for being sent to OAS and at the time Markwell came highly recommended.

These dogs now have a second chance but the road to recovery is going to be a long one. Buddy, Crockett, Fergus, Jesse, and Rainbow are all in stable condition. They all need to gain a substantial amount of weight and have various medical conditions we’re treating due to malnutrition and lack of exercise. The biggest treatment is going to be the mental rehabilitation.

Our trainer and behaviorist met with the dogs and  fully evaluated them in their current state. With their support they have devised a plan to help us rehabilitate these dogs in the coming months so they can eventually be placed in foster homes or even better adopted.

$3,600 raised of $6,000 Goal–34 Days Left

Please donate if you can, if not please spread the word and share this. Thank you and Bless You!


Jesse and Rainbow are looking for that special foster family that is willing to help them on their journey of healing and recovery. Randy Davis, a wonderful trainer/behaviorist in San Diego, has offered to support Jesse, Rainbow, and any foster families willing to help us turn these once abused and neglected dogs into loving members of a family.


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