Recycled DIY Dog Beds

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5 Simple DIY Dog Beds

6 Simple DIY Dog Beds

If your dog loves a cozy and warm place to sleep, there are plenty of ways to provide a safe haven for them for less. With some common everyday objects and materials, you can make a dog beg fit for a king. Take a look below at some helpful suggestions to get the creative juices flowing!

1. DIY Dog Beds – Suitcase sleepers.
Find an old suitcase at a thrift store or garage sale. Clean the inside out and line it with blankets or a small pillow to fit. You can either remove the lid or just leave it on and propped as long as you don’t think it will fall closed. Your dog will love crawling in for a snooze.

2. DIY Dog Beds – Perfect pillowcases.
Find king sized pillowcases at your local thrift store and stuff them with batting, scrap fabric, or old blankets. Give them a good shake and shuffle and they make the perfect place for your pooch to take a nap.

3. DIY Dog Beds – Budget savvy straw.
Place a large bed of straw on your porch during the winter months. Straw holds heat well and is a great place for your dog to rest when out in the cold. Any local farm supply store should have some that you can buy for cheap.

4. DIY Dog Beds – Old upholstery.
If you or someone you know if getting ready to throw away an old couch, ask if you can have one of the cushions. Dogs love sleeping on the couch right? This is a great way to allow them to do it each night. I don’t know if you would call it upholstery but I have taken old couch pillows gotten rid of the pillow case and created a new pillowcase out of fleece. It was a fun and easy no sew project and the dogs love sleeping on the pillow.

5. DIY Dog Beds – Sweater beds.
Don’t toss those old and torn sweaters. Instead, cut them into strips and make a cozy napping mat. You can simple braid the strips and then tie them or simple stitch them into a mat. Or for smaller dogs, just stuff the sweater with batting and stitch the openings closed to create a pillow.

6. DIY Dog Beds – Re-purpose old furniture
Whether you have an old end table that you are no longer using or an old doll or baby bed these all make great dog beds. A coat of paint. A pillow as a cushion. Maybe drape some old fabric to use as curtains to make the old piece of furniture more cave like. If you don’t have anything that would work check second hand stores or garage sales for pieces of furniture at really discounted prices.

Your dog might love a new bed and using things you already have around the house is a great way to make that happen. Your dog feel comfortable with things that already have your scent on them so old clothing, furniture, and pillow cases are all great options.

What have you recycled into DIY Dog Beds?

*The image in this post is a DIY Pet Bed as seen in at the Habersham County Georgia Habitat for Humanity Restock Store. It was displayed as an idea for how to re-purpose some of the old furniture found at the store. It was displayed as an inspiration piece and so I took a picture of it as inspiration for all of you. *

Note: I took the top off of an old crate, put two regular pillows in the bottom and my shih tzu just loves it. 


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