Every Big Dog Should Have a Little Dog

Me, Lexis, and Heidi.

Me, Lexis, and Heidi.

One day my daughter said, “Every big dog should have a little dog.” I thought about it a minute and thought this is our family. At the time, we had two big dogs and two little dogs. Lexis (golden) and Heidi (shih tzu) were best buds and Sydney (lab mix) and Zeus (shih tzu) played all the time.

Dogs don’t care how big or small other dogs are, what color they are, or if their hair is long or short, curly or straight. They like who they like!

big dog little dog custom

Sorry about the fuzzy photo.

One day at the beach I saw a big dog wearing a backpack with a little dog in one of the backpack pockets.

Photo Credit: esimge.com

Photo Credit: reallearningforachange.com

Photo Credit: twistedsifter.com

Photo Credit: cutedogpix.com

Photo Credit: evansheline.com

duke and frankie custom


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