Nutrition for Dogs with Arthritis


I found this great article from Your Holistic Dog about nutrition for dogs with arthritis. It is a guest post by Sonya Reichel. She owns Canine Clarity, a company dedicated to providing nutritional advice to caring pet owners. Her blog and contact information can be found at

It is important to remember that every dog is unique. Listen to your dog and don’t be afraid to voice your opinion when choosing the best combination of diet and supplements, and veterinary care. Sonya talks about fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and much more.

1. Exercise your dog regularly.
2. Introduce new supplements slowly and watch for improvement.
3. Check with your veterinarian if you dog is currently taking medications.

Sonya gives a summary of nutrients that can help with arthritis. Herbs is one of these nutrients listed. 

There are many herbs and herbal formulations that are available to help your arthritic dog. Be sure to use a product that is formulated for dogs, and follow the instructions carefully. Just like drugs, herbs are powerful and should be used with care. Some products I have used include Dog Gone Pain and Animal’s Apawthecary. Popular herbs used in arthritic remedies include yucca root,  nettle leaves, turmeric, licorice, devil’s claw and dandelion root.

Read full article here.


3 thoughts on “Nutrition for Dogs with Arthritis

  1. This article tells all you need to know about the special dietary needs of holistic dogs. Please visit our website for more details on using dog mobility aids to help them walk even though they are subjected to arthritis without much pressure.

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