My New Foster Dog

me signing foster agreement custom

Signing foster agreement for Jesse. 3/2/14

First time at dog park

First time at dog park

The animals at the Olympic Animal Sanctuary were brought there with the belief the animals were being well taken care of. Sadly, this was not the case at all. Facebook started a page describing the true conditions of this place. And a sanctuary, it was NOT!

On December 20, 2013, the lives of the Olympic Animal Sanctuary animals changed, 124 dogs, including four wolf hybrids, coyote mixes and a large female Bermese Python, were loaded into wooden boxes inside a 53′ cargo trailer, their destination and whereabouts unknown, until they showed up in Golden Valley, Arizona on December 24, at a safe location arranged by Guardians of Rescue.

Jesse was kept in a small crate and given little water, food or exercise for over 2 years. Despite this hardship, with Lionel’ s Legacy’s help he has begun to blossom, and look forward to finding his furever home. Randy, professional dog trainer, has worked with Jesse and 4 other dogs from OAS. Thank you, Randy! Randy works with several rescues in San Diego.

You would think after being in a crate for years, he would hate the crate. It is exactly opposite, Jesse loves his crate and often goes in there voluntarily. Though I never force him in the crate or force him to do anything for that matter. Jesse is current on vaccines, neutered, microchipped and had full blood work done. His adoption includes a dog bed, bag of food, and a special ‘rescued’ collar.

Jesse is a 4 year old male dobie/lab mix, now more well-behaved than my own dogs! I continue with his training with ‘personalized’ instructional videos. He loves to give kisses, is very smart and a quick learner. Jesse gets a Reiki treatment every day to help ease stress and promote healing, physically and emotionally. Oh, and he is dog, cat and kid friendly. My kitties said, “Why did you bring home a horse?”.

Photo: Ok, now we know he's not a senior but he is one of our OAS survivors and he's one AMAZING DOG! Meet Jesse, he's friends with cats, dogs, people, and even a bearded dragon! He loves to play, show off his good manners, look over your homework, and listen to you! This dog is 100% a companion dog. He's all about being there for you and wanting to bring joy to your life! Although, he'd be pretty excited if you took him for walks and played with him too.  He really does know how to show off his charm with his great smile! So, if you're looking for a really good boy to add to your family Jesse is your man! please contact us at if you're interested in meeting him.

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