Jesse’s New Family!

I couldn’t have picked a better family for Jesse! Jesse needs one of his canine’s removed before he can go to his furever home. So I get to keep him a few more weeks. Their home check will be done this Sunday. I am so happy for Jesse!

From Lionel’s Legacy Senior Dog Rescue

We have some SPLENDIFEROUS news, Jesse one of our former OAS dogs, met and fell in love with his new fur ever family yesterday at our Fit For Fido event. They found him on Petfinder and came down from north county San Diego to meet him. They spent a few hours with Jesse and our wonderful foster Paula getting to know the ins and outs of Jesse. We were able to share some additional insights about his stay at OAS, his rehabilitation with us, and why he was sent there. Poor Jesse was only a young boy when he was sent to OAS and unfortunately was originally placed in a home where he was set up to fail. We will not let that happen again, Jesse will get the best life possible and we will be there to support the family along the way with whatever they need.

We will providing them with a training book specifically designed by our wonderful trainer Randy Davis. It’s filled with info about Jesse and different things all of the volunteers have been doing with him since he came to Lionel’s Legacy. We are so excited for Jesse and this wonderful family. We recently learned that Jesse came to the aid of his foster when she was having a debilitating asthma attack and attempted to alert family. We know Jesse is an incredible dog, a dog that any family would be fortunate to have. In fact, when he stayed in my home with my own children I couldn’t help but fall in love with him too. Jesse is a grateful and loving dog and we know he will continue to grow and learn with his new family.

Thank you all for your support! We knew this wouldn’t be a quick fix for these dogs and we still have a long way to go. Jesse’s rehabilitation was approx. 3 months and that will need to continue. His experiences may not have been as traumatic as the other dogs at OAS or he may just have the temperament to move on quicker. Rainbow, Buddy, Willie, and Crockett are making great strides too but a couple of them have a lot more rehab ahead of them. We couldn’t have done this work without you! Lionel’s Legacy is a small rescue and initially we weren’t set up to deal with these dogs but with the support of our animal loving community we’ve been able to provide these dogs with the necessary medical and rehab they need. Thank you to Randy Davis our trainer, Doggy Hideaway for boarding and support, our incredibly dedicated volunteers Lisa, Kevin, Nancy, Amy, Rachel, Tammy, Sue, Daphne, and Joe who’ve been there to take the dogs out on daily walks and trail hikes, sit with them, rebuild trust with humans, and work on training with the dogs. We make an incredible team and together we can make great things happen!

Me and Jesse


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