Winds of Change

I am taking a break from blogging, although I truly love it-sharing holistic health care, energy healing, and animal welfare with you. You have probably already noticed the break. I may make short posts here and there. I am going through many changes in my life now and have several personal issues I need to deal with, part of my self-healing process. But I will definitely be back, stronger and  better! It is time for me to go home, return to my roots.

I finally received my level 2 Reiki attunement-Reiki practitioner on April 22, Earth Day, after 3 1/2 years of practicing Reiki. So I am doing a lot of energy healing on myself as well as my fur babies.

My last foster dog, Jesse, was adopted several weeks ago. I miss him, but am very happy for him and his new furever family. I am also taking a break from fostering dogs, but I still plan to use energy work for healing rescue or shelter dogs and where ever my spirit leads me. It will definitely be helping animals in some form using life force energy. I am very excited about the next chapter in my life!

I lost another dear friend to cancer on April 11. Phil is Native American and I learned a lot from him-about Mother Earth, respecting her and ALL life. We went to his house many times for our Reiki shares and he taught me about ‘smudging’-using sage to cleanse negative energy and gathering sage from Mother Earth. Phil always gave tobacco as an offering, it rubbed off on me. He always had a hug for me, first thing when I saw him and I miss him dearly! Aho (Hello or good-bye)

I wish blessings for ALL-animals included…our four-legged people of the world. Please be kind to them! If you cannot help them, please do not hurt them. Be kind to one another!  Peace and Love. It’s not just a cliché from the 60’s.

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