‘Chopper the Biker Dog’ denied therapy animal status over his outfit

I lived in San Diego County for many years and have seen Chopper and Mark at many events and followed him on Facebook. I was outraged when I heard Pet Partners denied to RE-register Chopper with their company. I emailed Pet Partners, CC’d several admins, PR, and President/CEO, only received a reply from Glen Miller,
National Director, Communications, Media and Publications
T 425-679.5514 | C 206-790-5410
glenm@petpartners.org |www.petpartners.org.

The email claimed that Pet Partners had no knowledge of Chopper’s attire. This is a lie! Bandit, Chopper’s predecessor was registered with this company, also a “biker” dog. I do not know what the true reason for this ‘out of the blue’ change of heart from Pet Partners is. I do know that Pet Partners has been dishonest with Chopper, Mark, and the public. Pet Partners staff, http://www.petpartners.org/staff. Their ratings and support has gone way down due to their injustice to Chopper. Let them hear from you. Thanks

Global News

TORONTO – For almost six years, Chopper has visited thousands of people in schools, hospitals, and seniors centres across California.

But now the six-year-old Boston terrier’s owner says he’s furious after Chopper’s therapy dog status was revoked – apparently because of the way he dressed.

Chopper’s owner Mark Shaffer says he received the following email from Pet Partners (formerly The Delta Society), the therapy animal nonprofit with whom Chopper was registered, after returning from a 10-day road trip on May 10.

“Pet Partners regrets to inform you that your registration with our organization is being suspended effective today,” the email reads. “Our organization has specific expectations about appearance and professionalism which unfortunately are not met by your team.”

Apparently, they were concerned with Chopper’s “biker dog” appearance, complete with leather vest, sunglasses, bandanna, and even a small motorcycle for him to ride.

“We are concerned about the clothing in which…

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