Rey, the Look Out

rey n milo collage editedRey watching over baby Milo.

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Sadly, Rey, Milo, and Cali got out of the house July 21st and have not seen them since. Cali is the baby of Milo and Rey, born December 25, 2014. I have had them since they were all babies. I miss them dearly and pray they are safe.

kitty collage edited



13 thoughts on “Rey, the Look Out

    • i think someone let them out and took them, but cannot go into detail now. the truth will surface, sooner or later. i pray for their safety and return everyday and the TRUTH!

  1. It looks like Rey is really curious about Milo. 🙂 They are both so cute! I’m so sorry to hear that they are missing. I am sending purrs and prayers that you will find them safe and sound.

  2. I am so brokenhearted for you to lose all three kitties in such a way. (I just read your previous post.) Don’t give up hope and keep pursuing every avenue to find them. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

    • thank you so much! the whole thing is very odd. i traveled 2000 miles with 2 of these cats, no problem.

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