Eyes are the window to the soul. I always look at a dog’s eyes. They say so much!

The Adventures of a Chocolate Dog

Green eye


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5 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. Thank you for re logging! I wasn’t expecting such an honour for my picture. You are right about windows to the soul. I think pets’ eyes carry so much love, understanding and compassion!

  2. Our Ray adopted me! He was really not quite what I was looking for, but after staring into his big brown eyes for a few seconds at about 8 inches distance. I was intrigued. Perhaps our souls did communicate? When he then reached forward and touched his nose to mine …. that was it!

    • I believe animals do find us, even when we think we have found them. The universe has a way of bringing us together and I do believe we communicate on a deeper level if we just open our heart and listen. I am glad Ray found you!

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