Heidi on the Bale Trail

bale trail court houseThe Bale Trail is a trail of displays and sculptures using hay bales or loose hay created by the residents of  Todd County (Kentucky).  The word ‘hay’, in any fashion, is part of the display.

heidi bale trail po2

heidi bale trail vet

heidi bale trail vet 2

heidi bale trail ppl

haylo kitty edited

My little cousin, Maleah, standing in for Heidi. Heidi was done with photo ops.



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2 thoughts on “Heidi on the Bale Trail

  1. Wow! Those are pretty clever. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything created out of hay bales like this. It must take countless hours to put together something like the “Haylo Kitty”.

    • I never saw this either until I moved to KY. I think it is a pretty cool idea. I bet it does take hours and hours of hard work. The results are incredible!

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