In Loving Memory of Lexis

lexis-at-beach full in memory

September 6, 2015 will be the second anniversary of Lexis (Lexi) leaving this earth. She is still in my heart and I think of her everyday. I miss her dearly! Love you, Lexi!

family collage

lexi parade collage

The gaggle of goldens are the San Diego Golden Retriever Meet Up Group

My original post when she left, Good-bye Lexis

Tribute to Lexi

lexi collage

Today is the 8 month anniversary of Lexis crossing over. She watches over her siblings. The top photo is one of our many outings with the San Diego Golden Retrievers Group. She is giving kisses to the black dog. Lexis taught me to be kind to everyone and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

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Where’s the Beach?

lexis in pool custom

I would rather be at the beach!

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Surfur Girlz

lexis-n-heidi-surf-lesson custom

lexi heidi sam surf custom

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Lexi’s New Home

lexi's urn front customlexi's urn back customlexi's urn front cropA huge THANK YOU to Matt Kennedy for making this urn for my Lexi. She loves her new home. Matt makes his own pottery that is unique with each piece and tattoos on the design. The thing I love most about his work is the ‘energy’ from his heart he puts into every piece! He also makes tattoo vases, tiles, and pots.

Artist Statement
The pure energy that comes through my spirit and into my hands creates a centering effect within me and what I create. The passion I have for the art of tattooing comes though in each piece bringing design inspiration into form. My work is simple and elegant. It gives me great pleasure to bare my soul to you.

You can see Matt’s work at


Sydney and Heidi Bonding

heidi n syd at lake custom

Sydney played with Heidi for first time on February 6, 2014. I was gone all day but my daughter was home. This has never happened before in the year and a half Syd has been in our home. Heidi hardly plays with any dogs, unless it’s a Chihuahua. February 6th happens to be the five month anniversary of Lexi leaving this earth. Coincidence? I do not believe in coincidences. I believe things happen for a reason, whether we get it at the time or not.

They have played together every day since. I love watching them! Sydney gets very loud when playing, but not with Heidi, which is very unusual for Sydney. Heidi is really quiet. I think she’s teaching Syd to play quietly. 😉

I Miss You

lexi in flower field custom