San Diego County Animal & Pet Links

San Diego Golden Retriever Meetup Group

San Diego Golden Retriever Meetup Group Xmas Parade

San Diego’s 3.2 million residents share our County with more than 1 million pets and sheltered animals.  Here, pet owners can read about proper animal care and obtain a dog license online.  And for those considering adding a furry friend to the family, you can search the County shelters’ photographs of all the adoptable animals waiting for a good home.  The County also offers services to help with dangerous animals or lost pets.  Whether dealing with two legs or four, the County aims to provide the best services possible to its residents. Source: County of San Diego website

Animals and Pets Links

Animal Services
County of San Diego Animal Shelters
Other Shelters in Region
Adopt a Pet
Search for a Lost Pet
Found a Pet
Dog Licensing
Vaccinations/Microchip Clinics
Spay or Neuter your Pet
Crimes Against Animals
Reporting Dog Bites
Dog Bite Prevention
Animal Disaster Preparedness
Dead Animal Removal
Farm and Household Pests
Insects and Plant Diseases
Report Dead Birds

Animal Noise

Noise Control
National Conflict Resolution Center

Wildlife Resources

Local Wildlife Information
Damage From Wildlife
California Fish and Game
U.S. Fish and Wildlife
Fish and Wildlife Advisory Commission
Multiple Species Conservation Program

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