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I found FocalHeart blog while researching animal communication.  I liked Noémie’s work and animal messages so much I devoted a page to her, extending my blog content. Her blog chronicles her adventures communicating with animals and her mission is to help people and animals gain a better understanding of one another.

I am learning animal communication, which I believe everyone has this ability. It just needs to be practiced like learning any new language. Noémie made a video where she received messages from cows and tells how they want to be treated by humans and respected and not treated as merely a commodity. This idea may be ‘out there’ for some of you, that animals give us messages, but they do.

Laurie Reyon is an interspecies communicator and receives messages from dolphins, whales and her cat Puddah in San Diego, CA. So I have been familiar with this concept for some time. We are all of the same spirit, no more, no less!

Check out Noemie’s videos Cows: the unsung healers and Telepathy with your dog. See more of her videos on her youtube channel.


Hi, My name is Noémie. I’m an animal communicator, which means that I can communicate telepathically with animals.  I have had a deep connection with animals ever since I can remember, and I could often feel what the animals were feeling. Communicating telepathically with animals used to really fascinate me when I was a kid: I just knew that I could do it! I remember asking my Dad if it was possible for me to have a conversation with our cat Zoé when I was very young… As a kid my best friends were my grandparent’s dog and cats, my own cat and the horses from the stables that I used to visit weekly. I used to spend one entire day there every week, at the time I was taking horse riding lessons but as the instructor told my dad: “She loves horses more than she enjoys riding them”. She was spot on! I was dreading the actual lessons but would cherish every moment I got to spend in the stables talking to the horses! As a child I felt closer to animals than to people and had such a deep bond with  them which allowed me to connect with them whenever I wanted to.

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