Sexy Lexi

Lexis in her new ortho bed.

Lexis in her new ortho bed.

Hi, my name is Lexis and I am with my favorite toy, my monkey! I love playing tug-o-war, hide-n-seek, and going to the beach. My mom also calls me Lexi or Sexy Lexi. I found my mom in October 2009. I remember it was right before Halloween, when all the kids came for candy and treats. I am now 11 years old (3/7/13), but I feel like 2 when I go to the beach, my favorite place!

My Story

Me and Heidi, my sister, went to the same boarding kennels. My human sister, Samantha, worked at the kennels. Samantha took Heidi home with her a few months before. I missed her at the kennels, but sometimes Samantha would bring Heidi to work with her. I was so happy to see her again. We are great friends!

Anyway, my owner, Jack, could no longer take care of me. I was with him from the time I was 7 weeks old to  7 years old.  Jack asked Sam if she wanted me. Samantha asked her mom if she wanted a golden retriever and she said she would try it for a night. I have been with her every since!

My mom loves going to the beach and so do I. I love the beach! I can run and swim, hit the waves, and roll in the sand. (My mom doesn’t like it when I roll and I am wet).

I was lucky that I had a good owner and did not go through the abuse and abandonment that Heidi and many others go through. I love my mommy!

I crossed the rainbow bridge on 9/6/2013. I became ill practically overnight and could not sit, stand, or walk. My mom tried for a week to make me better, but ultimately had to put me to sleep. It was the hardest decision she ever made! She still talks to me all the time, tells me good-morning and good-night. I watch over her and miss her as much as she misses me.

Lexis turned 11 today! She is running back to me, she always gets to the water before me.

Lexis turned 11 today! She is running back to me, she always gets to the water before me.

About my Breed

These are lovable, well-mannered, intelligent dogs with a great charm. They are easily trained, and always patient and gentle with children. Charming, devoted and self-assured, they are a popular family dog. Energetic and loving, Golden Retrievers enjoy pleasing their masters, so obedience training can be very rewarding. They excel in competitions. Friendly with everyone, including other dogs, the Golden Retriever has very little, if any, guarding instincts. While unlikely to attack, Goldens make good watchdogs, loudly signaling a stranger’s approach.

The smooth, medium-haired double coat is easy to groom. Comb and brush with a firm bristle brush, paying particular attention to the dense undercoat. This breed is an average shedder.

Originating in the Scottish Highlands in the late 1800s, the Golden Retriever was developed by Lord Tweedmouth, by crossing the original yellow Flat-Coated Retriever with the now extinct Tweed Water Spaniel. He later crossed in the Bloodhound, Irish Setter and more Tweed Water Spaniel. The dogs were called the Golden Flat-Coat and only later were they given the name Golden Retriever. The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular breeds known today, not only as family companions but for obedience competitions, hunting and tracking, as a birddog on both land and in the water, narcotics detection, service dog for the disabled, a guide for the blind and as a therapy dog. The Golden Retriever was first recognized by the AKC in 1925.

Source: Dog Breed Info

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