First Surfing Lesson

My first surfing lesson with my sister, Lexis, in 2009. Mom is getting us use to the board before we go in the ocean. We are learning to sit on the board. I am not that fond of water, but my sister is. I would only go out on the board if my mom came with me, which made it difficult for my instructor.

Mom got me a life vest to see if that would help. I still did not care much for the water, but I looked cute. My little feet would start paddling before I even got in the water. Mom calls it “air” paddling.

Mom ended up getting me a little boogie board to go in the (calm) water. But I have come a long way. When mom first got me and took me to the beach, I ran away. She had to chase me a long ways. Slowly but surely I came to love the beach, but I am more a sand dog, digging holes and lying in the cool sand. My sister is the water dog, swimming and playing fetch.

One day when mom took me and my sister to the beach, I was riding my boogie board and my sister was swimming along side me. My sister grabbed the rope tied to the boogie board and started pulling me. I don’t know if she thought I was in danger or playing fetch with my boogie board. Either way, it was a great ride! Mom didn’t get a picture though, she was in the water with me and my sis.

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