In Loving Memory of Lexis

lexis-at-beach full in memory

September 6, 2015 will be the second anniversary of Lexis (Lexi) leaving this earth. She is still in my heart and I think of her everyday. I miss her dearly! Love you, Lexi!

family collage

lexi parade collage

The gaggle of goldens are the San Diego Golden Retriever Meet Up Group

My original post when she left, Good-bye Lexis

Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) for Dogs



I received a comment from a reader asking if it is safe to give her dog ACV and cinnamon. At first I lost the comment and could not find it, technical glitch. So here is a response for all my readers.

acvI give both my dogs ACV all the time in their food and coconut oil, not together. ACV has many health benefits for your doggy. ACV has not helped stop fleas for my dogs, but I do not spray on their coats. I use Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. It does not have to be this brand, but organic is always healthier.

ACV has many health benefits for your pooch. What is good for your dog is usually good for people as well. I use it as an energy boost in water. The taste may take getting use to.

• Makes one less attractive to biting insects

• Helps prevent food poisoning

• Acts as a natural antibiotic by interrupting the development of infectious bacterial and viral diseases

• Relieves muscle fatigue

• Alleviates itching

This is just a few benefits. To read more about ACV, check out and

I have never given my dogs cinnamon. Cinnamon is non-toxic to dogs, cats and horses, according to the ASPCA. I did find this article,

I do recommend all these web sites, Whole Dog Journal, Dogs Naturally Magazine, and Pet 360. However, I do not endorse any topical flea treatment, as they are found to be toxic for your pet. For more info about natural flea treatment, see


the art of life

sydney edited

I adopted Sydney in December 2013 after I fostered her for a year from It’s the Pits Dog Rescue in San Diego. She was adopted out once as a pup and brought back to It’s the Pits at 10 months old, this is when I began fostering her. She was adopted out once while in my care and the lady brought her back within 24 hours. Not nearly enough time for her to adjust. Her loss, my gain. Sydney has a funny personality, but scares most people with her loud barking. I just tell them she is my guard dog :). We have been through many ups and downs. We drove (my daughter and I) from Southern California to Kentucky in 2 and a half days in June 2014. She did really well, but was not wanting to get back in the van near the end of the trip. I…

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Ruff Day

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Not What We Have…

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Rey, the Look Out

rey n milo collage editedRey watching over baby Milo.

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Sadly, Rey, Milo, and Cali got out of the house July 21st and have not seen them since. Cali is the baby of Milo and Rey, born December 25, 2014. I have had them since they were all babies. I miss them dearly and pray they are safe.

kitty collage edited



Our 3 Lost Kitties

kitty collage

On July 21st, we lost 3 kitties; Rey, Milo and Cali. A very sad day, to say the least. All three cats, indoor cats, escaped or was taken from their home. Technically they are my daughters’ cats, but have been in my home since all were kittens, 2 were born in our home. My daughter recently got a home of her own which was broken into while she was at work. When she returned home all the cats were gone, the screen pushed INSIDE the house with no claw marks at all from the cats making a great escape. A person(s) pushed the screen out of the window.

A strange occurrence, nothing was taken, this whole month has been very strange, like a roller coaster of huge ups and downs.

A year ago we moved from San Diego to a small country town in Kentucky where life is easy-going and mostly crime free. We drove Milo and Rey 2,000 miles to make a new home for all of us. Cali was born here on Christmas day 2014, one solid white kitten. A true blessing! I am heartbroken and pray every day our kitties will come home and are safe. Needless to say we have searched and searched. No one has seen them!

Rey is named after our friend, Aida Reyes, who left this earth after a long battle with cancer May 9, 2011. We called her Rey for short. Rei (ray) in Japanese means God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power. Rey was 8 weeks old when she came into our lives. You can read Rey’s full story here…

Milo was born in our home, born May 24, 2013, when pet sitting for his parents. He stayed in our home till he was 3 weeks old. His parents took all the cats and kittens. Milo returned when he was 8 weeks old. He grew very large and loved to be petted, but not held. He came to you on his terms. Very loving.

Usually all of our pets are neutered or spay, to prevent pet overpopulation. Samantha, my daughter, wanted at least one kitten from Rey and Milo. They were inseparable and always got along from the beginning. Rey had a litter and all four kittens were born dead. Then she got pregnant again and had one white kitten. My daughter had a dream she would have a white kitten. Which would not be the norm coming from a solid black cat and a gray tabby. But she was, we named her Cali. I know Milo is the father. She started developing Siamese coloring. Our miracle kitten, one white kitten born on Christmas day.

I ask for your prayers and loving energy to keep our kitties safe and return home.