Winds of Change

I am taking a break from blogging, although I truly love it-sharing holistic health care, energy healing, and animal welfare with you. You have probably already noticed the break. I may make short posts here and there. I am going through many changes in my life now and have several personal issues I need to deal with, part of my self-healing process. But I will definitely be back, stronger and  better! It is time for me to go home, return to my roots.

I finally received my level 2 Reiki attunement-Reiki practitioner on April 22, Earth Day, after 3 1/2 years of practicing Reiki. So I am doing a lot of energy healing on myself as well as my fur babies.

My last foster dog, Jesse, was adopted several weeks ago. I miss him, but am very happy for him and his new furever family. I am also taking a break from fostering dogs, but I still plan to use energy work for healing rescue or shelter dogs and where ever my spirit leads me. It will definitely be helping animals in some form using life force energy. I am very excited about the next chapter in my life!

I lost another dear friend to cancer on April 11. Phil is Native American and I learned a lot from him-about Mother Earth, respecting her and ALL life. We went to his house many times for our Reiki shares and he taught me about ‘smudging’-using sage to cleanse negative energy and gathering sage from Mother Earth. Phil always gave tobacco as an offering, it rubbed off on me. He always had a hug for me, first thing when I saw him and I miss him dearly! Aho (Hello or good-bye)

I wish blessings for ALL-animals included…our four-legged people of the world. Please be kind to them! If you cannot help them, please do not hurt them. Be kind to one another!  Peace and Love. It’s not just a cliché from the 60’s.

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Mystic View Morgan Ranch

sam julie dobies

My daughter, Samantha, with Julie at her Morgan Ranch in Dehesa, CA. Julie’s large pack of dobies love the horses.

Julie teaching me to ‘feel’ the horse. My eyes are shut.

JoAnn giving Rhythm Reiki. She is adding the ‘diamond’ method-her hand placement-to give Reiki.

Rhythm after this session.

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Happy Easter!

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A Message from Lexis

K.O. Lexis and Heidi

K.O., Lexis, and Heidi

Lexis’ message is love everyone, that includes yourself! And be kind. I’ve developed my intuition through Reiki practice. I am not an animal psychic. I have dabbled with animal communication in the past, but seriously practicing over the last 4 months. So I ‘talk’ to Lexis a lot and now even more. She is like my conscience now all the time, that little voice in your head, but it is actually coming from your heart. When I get angry or upset now, a voice always says, love or be kind. I am not a mean person, just human. I usually ‘get’ things in one or several words. Even with colors, I do not see the color, I hear the word.

I ask Lexis every day, “What can I do for you”? and I always ‘get’, just be with me. Luckily I am in a position to be with her 24/7. I lay beside her on the floor every night. I woke up at 4am this morning and gave her more Reiki. Who do you think woke me up? My Reiki Master Teacher said keep her in the light to help her transition-pass on. Reiki energy is light. (Reiki does not have a patent on light). My teacher is sending both of us Reiki. Reiki doesn’t have to be given hands on but can be from a distance. After all, it is universal energy!

Xiao Li, K.O., Heidi, and Lexis

lexis and oliverLexis has always been very friendly and loving. She greets everyone who comes over, usually with one of her toys. She is playful with all of our pet sitting guests and foster dogs. She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. If a cat walks up to her water bowl, she will back up and let them drink. If a dog walks up to her food dish, she will share. If a dog takes her toy, she lets them have it, except when she plays tug-o-war.

Lexis reminds me to be kind to those who are not kind to me and send love to those that my ego says don’t deserve it. She wanted me to share this message with everyone!

Visiting the Vet With Your Dog: Using Reiki to Create a Calm, Successful Experience

Source: Kathleen Prasad~Animal Reiki Source

Originally published in Dogs Naturally Magazine, July 2011

My Note: You can do the exercise below even if you are not attuned to Reiki. Everyone has and is connected to life force energy (Reiki). Reiki attunements fine tune this energy to flow through you. Dogs and all animals pick up on our energy, i.e., happy, sad, stress, anger or anxiety.  You can use the visualization exercise below for giving your dog a bath or any task your dog does not like to do.

Visiting the Vet With Your Dog: Using Reiki to Create a Calm, Successful Experience

Trips to the vet are a part of your dog’s life—sometimes for quick check-ups and routine exams, and sometimes for complex treatments or serious procedures. Many dogs (not to mention us, their human caretakers) experience anxiety and stress surrounding these visits. Reiki, a system of energy healing, can support you and your dog in making these trips calm, positive experiences.

dogs-naturally-7-2011 Photo © 2011 Kathleen Prasad

Although these days Reiki is often seen solely as a healing system to help others, its original foundation was as a spiritual system of self-development. In developing and healing the self, Reiki shows that there is an energetic “ripple effect” in which others around us can also be supported. Read on to discover a “ripple effect” exercise you can try with your dog to help you prepare for a successful vet appointment.

The system of Reiki teaches that we are all connected with energy. Energy is all around us, but usually–due to our busy lives and our disconnection to nature in modern, urban culture–we just don’t pay attention. To “tune into” our energy, we first need to learn to slow down, breathe and use positive visualizations. In doing so, we begin to sense the more subtle forces connecting everything in the environment around us. We interact with each other’s energy all the time without even realizing it.

Dogs are much more in tune with these subtle energetic exchanges than we are; they’re able to sense emotional states, for example, more easily than the average human.

Reiki is a way to help us tune into our own emotional states and realize how that can affect those around us, especially our dogs, who are so connected to us. Once we tune into the energy around us, it becomes easier to focus this energy as a sort of “compassionate intention” for helping our dogs. In reality, because our dogs already know this language, they are already eager to have this conversation with us once we give it a try.

Energy Exercise: Using breathing and visualization to help your dog prepare for a successful vet appointment. Doing so will help you take time to breathe and meditate so that you come to feel confident and calm about the visit. This technique will also help you visualize the best appointment possible for your dog. Sit in a comfortable position and place your hands over your lower belly (this is your energetic foundation, grounding and center). Close your eyes and breathe. As you breathe in, imagine light is flowing up from the earth through your feet and the base of your spine into your lower belly. On the out breath, imagine this light can move up into the rest of your body, until your entire body is filled with a beautiful, glowing light. Breathe deeply and slowly. Feel the strength and calm of your breath stabilizing you and the light dissolving any worries or concerns. When you feel centered, visualize the upcoming car ride to the vet, the walk into the office, and being with the veterinarian with your dog. Picture in your mind your dog getting treats if the vet gives them out (or bring your own to reward your doggie for his bravery while you are there!). As you continue to breathe in earth energy, it’s important to stay positive in your thoughts. Visualize the vet as friendly, helpful, trustworthy–as you and your dog’s ally and friend. See your dog’s behavior and emotional state as calm, helpful and brave. See yourself as a stable and confident partner, supporting your dog during the visit. Imagine how effortless and easy this visit will be, and that you will be home soon after.

Frequency: Do this twice for every vet appointment. Set aside 15 minutes each time to sit with your dog for this breathing/visualization exercise: once on the day before your visit to the veterinarian, and once on the morning of your vet appointment. You can continue to use the breathing technique to help stay grounded during your visit to the vet. Begin the breathing exercise as you leave your car and walk into the vet office. Revisit it as you sit in the waiting area, and then again as you wait for the vet to arrive. If at any point during the vet exam you feel anxious or your dog begins to show signs of anxiety, repeat the exercise.

Tuning into our inner energetic state and focusing on our grounding to create a calm, positive state will have a powerful effect on our dogs. We can become the keys to our dogs’ calm and trusting feelings. We can become the anchors that hold them firm in rough seas. If we ourselves are nervous and stressed out because of a visit to the vet, our dogs will sense this and respond accordingly. If, in turn, we can learn to create a calm energy within ourselves, this will provide an energetic “sanctuary” of sorts—a place our dogs can move into with us if they begin to feel stressed themselves.

Reiki for Cats

Reblogged from Animal Reiki Source by Kathleen Prasad

Reiki for Cats

By Kathleen Prasad
Feline Wellness Magazine, December 2009

If you are looking for a gentle and noninvasive technique for supporting feline wellness, look no further than Reiki. Reiki can create relaxation and peace in even the most stressed-out cases-thus it is ideal for cats living in loving homes, as well as shelter and rescued cats. Reiki can help to speed healing after surgery or illness, reduce side-effects of medicine and other treatments, relieve pain, improve behavior problems, heal anxiety-related problems and, when physical healing isn’t possible, ease the transition to death.


Photo © 2010 Lexie Boezeman Cataldo

The system of Reiki is Japanese in origin. “Rei” means “spirit,” and “Ki” means “energy,” so the word “Reiki” literally translates to “spiritual energy.” Reiki is also a spiritual practice, albeit one without dogma and beliefs, so it is compatible with any religious philosophy. Your intention and commitment to the “doing” of Reiki (meditation and opening to the flow of energy) is important to your own development and healing, as well as your ability to connect with animals successfully. On a personal level, practicing Reiki can deepen your intuition and cause tremendous internal healing on all levels.

Since the way and flow of Reiki is toward perfect energetic balance, it always finds the origin of the problem (since all health problems are “dis-ease” or imbalance) and supports energetic harmony (rebalancing and clearing the energy “flow”). Its harmonic nature also makes Reiki completely safe and ideal for use with other modalities, both conventional and holistic.

Cats are especially sensitive to Reiki energy and will benefit greatly from the approach of treating from a distance, meditatively and respectfully “offering” rather than physically and actively “giving” Reiki with physical contact (as is often done in human Reiki treatments). Incorporating this philosophy with all cats, even those comfortable and familiar with humans, results in a greater openness from the animals and thus greater successes in their treatments. Recently, I experienced this firsthand when working with some feral kittens.

I placed the chair about 10 feet from their cage. Inside, the two feral kittens, one gray and one black, stared at me, terrified. The black one stood in front of the gray, clearly protecting her little brother. They had been rescued the previous day from a hillside just off the freeway. My friend Janet, who feeds several feral colonies throughout San Francisco and also frequently rescues and gives aid to these kitties, had taken the two kittens into her home until the SPCA could evaluate their adoption potential. Thus far, Janet had been scratched and bitten, and had to wear gloves when reaching into the cage to feed or clean.

The other members of her cat family were also very interested in the new arrivals, sitting near the window where the cage was located. One of these cats, Honeydew, had been previously rescued and adopted by Janet from the same colony. Still quite feral, she had hidden herself in another room when I arrived.

Before I began the Reiki treatment, I set my intention to offer them some healing, but let go of my expectations about what might happen, understanding that they need only take what they were comfortable with-which may be nothing at all. I visualized myself several feet away from them and not breaching this space. In addition, I avoided eye contact so as not to push any kind of physical connection with them. I closed my eyes, rested my hands on my lap and began to offer Reiki.

As I began the treatment, which involves simply connecting with the energy and then “holding a healing space” for the cats, I focused on a feeling of peace and tranquility inside myself. It was obvious that the cats were tremendously fearful and stressed, and I knew Reiki would help them relax. I also visualized Janet and what a safe, good person she was. They were in a good place where they would have food and shelter.

Although I didn’t open my eyes for nearly a half an hour, I felt the energy flow strongly through me as sensations of heat and buzzing through my hands, arms and body. The best description of what it feels like to offer Reiki is what it feels like to be in a deep and peaceful meditation. I knew, because of the strong flow and relaxation I felt, that the kittens were accepting the treatment.

At the end of the treatment, when I began to feel the energy dissipate and my mind return from the deep meditation I had entered, I opened my eyes. The two kittens had moved to the front of the cage, closest to me, and fallen fast asleep. In addition, Janet’s timid cat Honeydew came out of her place of hiding and was curiously watching me from just a few feet away. As I met eyes with her, she held my gaze quizzically for a long moment, then looked at the kittens, and then back to me. Then she disappeared as silently as she had come. It was as if she was telling me, “I felt the energy, too. Thank you for helping them.” Janet had been quietly watching Honeydew’s visit from the next room. She smiled wide-eyed at me, amazed at her cat’s uncharacteristic behavior, as well as the kittens’ relaxed demeanors.

In just one treatment, the kittens showed good improvement. As early as the next day, Janet was able to reach into the cage and hold and pet the gray kitten. The black, although still fearful, refrained from attacking her hands.

Soon, with continued Reiki, combined with patient work and lots of love from cat socializers, the kittens learned to trust people. Within a few months, “Cody” and “Millie” were adopted into good homes.

As this story illustrates, Reiki is safe, gentle and noninvasive. For those of you unfamiliar with energetic therapies, let your cats be your guides: Our feline friends are so much more aware of this subtle energetic communication. See what they think of Reiki, and you never know-you just might find yourself trying a treatment, too!

Horse Reiki at Mystic View Morgan Ranch

I told you that I would take pictures at this horse Reiki session. And I did, 121 of them. Reiki (Ray-key) is a Japanese system of promoting healing (physically & emotionally) using universal energy-life force energy. I will not share all of photos here, but give you a photo view of our horse Reiki session.

My Reiki teacher’s group went for our monthly student Animal Reiki outing at the Mystic View Morgan Ranch on 4/20/13.  After our Reiki session, we get to ride one of their 12 horses. They also have 6 dogs, chickens, and two pygmy goats.  Usually the same group of people, give or take a person.

Our assignment for today was to scan the horse’s chakras. Feel if there was any blockage that needed work or needed opening up. (Your hands will be drawn to the area that needs Reiki). We each picked a horse and went on our merry Reiki way. I love coming here and feeling the energy of the horses, earth, and sky. Always ask the animal permission before giving Reiki and give thanks for the Reiki energy afterwards and thank the animal by name if you know it. I thank my spirit guides, too.

Julie and Victor, owners of the Morgan Ranch. Julie is riding Leona.

We always start our Reiki session-people or animal-with Gassho position, hands in prayer position. We stand in a circle, asking the power of Reiki to flow through us, feeling the flow of Reiki for a  few moments.  Then bring our hands up to our third eye (middle of forehead) and ask the Reiki power to guide our hands and ask our spirit guides for assistance if you wish. We hold there for a moment or two. There is no right or wrong way to do this. It is all about your intention!

You have heard the expression, different strokes for different folks, same is true in Reiki. Many people will give you or recommend guided hand positions for people and animals. This is great for beginners and intending to heal a particular area or part of the body, In the end it is centering your heart, intuition and intention. Everyone and everything is made up of life force energy. Like anything else, it takes practice. Although some people are naturally intuitive or more intuitive than others.

When you have a stomach ache or stub your tow, you automatically put your hand on it. You are sending energy to this part without realizing it.

Reiki works well with mainstream medical care, veterinary care, holistic health care and other healing modalities. It is not meant to replace any type of medical care. Reiki works for the greatest good on all levels, whatever that may be.

We all have intuition, it is just a matter of whether we listen to it or not. You are unique and should never compare yourself to anyone else! Listen to your heart, most people know as your ‘gut’ feeling, and do what you are drawn to or what feels right for you.

I am giving Sparkles Reiki, she is 27 years old and roams around freely. I used the Earth and Sky meditation as well while giving Reiki.

JoAnn giving Rhythm Reiki.

Rhythm after this session. 🙂

Gabriella, my Reiki teacher, with Lady.

Norma giving Lady Reiki.

Lady getting Reiki by JoAnn and Gabriella.

My riding lesson on Leona by Julie after the Reiki session. I grew up riding horses, but it has been many years since I rode. Julie wanted me to just ‘feel’ the horse, feel her rhythm and be one with the horse. She first told me to shut my eyes, you cannot see this. After I got accustom to this, I rode around the arena several times, then took my foot out of the stirrups, which actually felt better to me. Rode around the arena several times. Then Julie told me to let go of the reins and put my hands on my thighs. After several times around the arena, she then told me to put my hands out like an airplane. This was a great experience and I would recommend this for anyone, beginner or experienced rider if you have never done this!


I am giving Sparkles Reiki where my hand was drawn or guided to. The energy comes from Source, not me. I am a channel for this healing energy.

Lady, she is soooo beautiful!

My daughter, Samantha, riding Leona. She is an experienced rider.

photo from Equine Wellness Group

Equine Wellness Group

Note: The animal(s) you are drawn to is your animal totem. I believe you have one main animal totem or animal spirit guide. Different animal guides will come into your life as needed. Also animals, birds, insects, and mammals come into our life to give us messages.

Meditate With Your Dog

I try to meditate in the mornings before I get going and my head gets all cluttered with the days activities. The problem was that I had dogs jumping on my bed, licking me in the face and bringing me their dog toy. I thought why not include them in my meditation instead of trying to get them to leave me alone, which defeats the whole purpose of being in my zen moment.

I have studied different types of meditation for some time now. The fact is you don’t need a special room, special music or incense or a candle burning to meditate. You don’t have to meditate for an hour at a time or sit perfectly still. Did you know there is even ‘walking’ meditation? Meditation is about being in the moment as dogs are most of the time. You see them lying around a lot. Do you wonder what they think about? I do.

Dogs aren’t thinking about work, bills, kids or the car that needs a tune-up. We can all take a lesson from our canine family and just ‘be’ in the moment! If meditating is a stretch for you, just try sitting quietly with your pet as long as you can, just focusing on your pet. (I focus on my breath, westerners breath very shallow instead of healthy deep breathing)

I searched the internet as usual when interested in a subject and came across James Jacobson, author of How to Meditate with Your Dog. Every site I looked at came back to this man and his book. Check out James’ website And he is on Facebook.

James meditated since he was a child. He is an author and entrepreneur of several businesses. He got a Maltese puppy named Maui. James started meditating with Maui when she jumped in his lap one day and they began their ritual together. James thinks meditation helped when Maui recovered from SARD (Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration),  a disease that causes permanent blindness.

James Jacobson offers these tips to get started:

  • Start by sitting or lying with your dog.
  • Place one hand on the dog’s chest and another on his back near his hindquarters.
  • Notice your dog’s breathing and mimic it.
  • Breathe together for as little as a few minutes or as long as you’re both comfortable.

James goal in writing this book is to get humans to meditate. As he pointed out and I am guilty of as well, people will do anything for their dogs. I learned about human nutrition & holistic remedies from studying pet nutrition and pet holistic care. Dogs and people are more alike than many people realize.

What are the scientific benefits of human meditating?

  • better health
  • slow aging process
  • more happiness
  • more calm
  • increase confidence
  • develop intuition
  • heal ‘mental’ blocks

What are the benefits for your pooch?

  • calms excitable dogs
  • enhances training
  • increases human/animal bond
  • helps relieve separation anxiety
  • benefits health

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