Pit Bulls and Perception

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Pit bull terriers might have a bad reputation in the news, but we’re out to prove that these short-haired muscular mutts can be big sweethearts. All dogs are individuals and should be treated as individuals.

To find out how to challenge breed discrimination and help restore the image of pit bull terriers, visit pitbulls.bestfriends.org.

To learn more about Best Friends Animal Society and help create a time when there are No More Homeless Pets, visit http://www.bestfriends.org.

8/26/13 Guest Blogger, “Mom” – Being A Pitbull Mom

English: American pit bull terrier (named Tutt...

I was a pit bull momma. Due to BSL I am not now, but I am an advocate for pit bulls and volunteer for a pit bull rescue. Bless all the pits and pit moms, dads, brothers and sisters! Changing one human heart at a time from the their bad rap. Many thanks to the media for their bad rap (sarcastically).-Paula

Photo Credit: American pit bull terrier (named Tuttle). Wikipedia


To finish off the third and final installment of my “BSL” and “Dog Fighting” blogs, I have asked my human Mom to be a guest blogger today.  Tomorrow I will go back to my normal blogging activity.  Woof!  Love, Maggie


Hello!  I’m Maggie’s human Mom.  I want to say that I had never, ever considered getting a Pitbull as a pet.  Never.  I had spent years rescuing Greyhounds, and was familiar with those dogs and their issues.  But.  The Greyhounds have been gone for many years, my son Jamie pretty much outgrew his asthma, and it was time for another dog.

We put our heads together and decided on a shelter dog.  I put down my hard and fast rules:  1. No puppies.  2. Mixed breed dog.  3. Short hair.  4. Male dog.  We went to the shelter and looked at EVERY dog.  Jamie kept going back to kennel…

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23 Rescued Pit Bulls & Bootsie Needs a Home

carlbad 6-ITP

I volunteer for It’s the Pits Rescue. We had a BUSY weekend here at It’s The Pits, we rescued 23 dogs!!! We have Cici and her 7 pups, 7 additional pups with no momma and Autumn from Coachella and then a momma and her 7 pups from Carlsbad (California) shelter. Read rescue details here.

Now that we have saved 23 lives in just over 48 hours we need to think about how we are going to vaccinate, microchip & spay/neuter all of these dogs. We are looking at $3,000+ to care for these dogs and that doesn’t include food, leashes, collars, bedding, crates, etc.

We need your help to make sure everyone is cared for. An anonymous donor has stepped up and challenged us. If we can raise $2,000, they will match it dollar for dollar. Your tax deductible donation instantly doubles!!! Please consider making a donation to care for all of these saved lives here:https://www.youcaring.com/pet-expenses/puppy-medical-care-/75302. Thank you!

Take a look at our rescue video to see all the dogs saved



I spent yesterday helping a friend who had to surrender her pit bull, her landlord’s (dog) eviction. We are trying to keep him from the shelter. So far, so good, but he needs a home ASAP. She and her family raised Bootsie from a pup, he turned 1 year old on July 4, 2013.  He is a black and white pit bull that showers you with kisses. He was raised with 4 rough boys and has never been aggressive to them or anyone else. He met my foster dog (lab/shepherd mix) yesterday and he did fine, all he wanted to do is hump her. Bootsie has not been neutered yet. All my females are spayed. He tried the same with my 12 year old golden, but she quickly let him know, don’t go there, and he backed off.


The Merit Pit Bull Foundation

The Truth about Pit Bulls [Infographic]

The Merit Pit Bull Foundation strives for a compassionate world where pit bull type dogs live in responsible homes and where owner education, training and anti-cruelty legislation support all pet owners regardless of breed.

As an organization, the Merit Pit Bull Foundation will:

  • Facilitate the rescue and permanent placement of pit bull type dogs whom, were abandoned, neglected, abused and/or surrendered within NC.
  • Promote pit bull type dog education to the public, media, lawmakers, and others
  • Promote and teach responsible dog ownership.
  • Support community needs relating to the benefit and welfare of pit bull type dogs.
  •  Bring communities together to strengthen the responsible dog owner’s rights.
  • Oppose BSL (Breed Specific Legislation)in all forms. We will, also, actively oppose any legislation either currently on the books or in the form of a bill that we feel is unfair and/or impedes on the rights of responsible dog owners.
  • Support and to help enact more legislative penalties against animal cruelty, neglect, abandonment, and irresponsible actions.
  • Work in conjunction with other rescue groups to promote the values of our organization. While we promote our vision for all breeds, we specifically support pit bull and pit bull “type” breeds.

Jeremy Williamson – President jeremy@themeritpitbullfoundation.com
Vanessa Kearney – Vice Presdient – foster home coordinator – vanessa@themeripitbullfoundation.com
Joshua Scott – Secretary josh@themeripitbullfoundation.com
Erin Stubbs – Medical & Intake Coordinator erin@themeritpitbullfoundation.com
Kristen Stauffer – kristen@themeritpitbullfoundation.com
Katie Payne – Adoption Coordinator – katiep@themeritpitbullfoundation.com
Meggie Van veen – Volunteer Coordinator – meggie@themeritpitbullfoundation.com

Basic Info

Founded 2012

Location Greensboro, North Carolina

Contact Info

Phone 336-618-PITS

Email meritpitbull@gmail.com

Website http://themeritpitbullfoundation.com


Rescue Jam in Oakland, CA

How quickly and easily America forgets it’s heroes.
For most of our history we had a National Dog, the Pit Bull.

Continuing Education … Just for Rescuers!

BADRAP, in Oakland, CA, has served as an education/advocacy and rescue example for organizations looking to improve pit bull adoptions since 1999. A nationally recognized resource for both dog owners and animal shelters, BADRAP provides valuable resources to dog owners and professional training opportunities to animal welfare workers in pursuit of new and better ways to help pit bulls in their shelters and communities.

WHAT: The Rescue Jam is a two-day conference for 501c3 rescue groups who are motivated to build a sustainable future for their organization. Join us for a busy weekend of lively discussion, field tested techniques, best practice guidelines and tricks of the trade for successful adoption programs that include pit bulls. A great place to learn, network and recharge. Both days will be busy and Saturday evening will be set aside for fun and good times. We hope you can be part of this memorable weekend!

Workshops include: Building a solid foster home team, attracting adopters, setting short and long-term goals, problem solving common behavior issues, doing dog/dog intros, making euthanasia decisions, engaging your community, finding funds for the projects you value. More to be announced as attendees share their key challenges in a (confidential) questionnaire.

WHEN & WHERE: Saturday and Sunday, May 4 and 5 at BADRAP’s Rescue Barn in Oakland, CA.

REGISTRATION FEE: $50 for one day, $75 for both. Includes light breakfast, snacks, lunches, beverages and materials. Registrants must complete questionnaire to attend.


1. Pay your registration here.

2. Fill out the questionnaire here.

3. When you’ve done both, send a note to jam@badrap.org and we’ll process your registration.

NOTE: Attendees will receive an email confirmation to the event when questionnaire and registration are complete. Please allow up to two weeks for confirmation. Space is very limited and organizers reserve the right to decline entrance to registrants whose goals may not be in line with the conference. In the event that you and the organizers determine that the Rescue Jam is not a good match for your specific needs, your registration fee will be refunded in full within seven business days. Directions to event and final itinerary will be mailed in April. The best airport to use is the Oakland International Airport, which is 20 minutes from the conference site. Hotel options will be listed shortly. Thank you! Not sure if the event is right for you? Wondering about the on-site camping option? etc.

QUESTIONS: jam@badrap.org.

Rescue Spotlight – Hello Bully

Reprinted from StubbyDog.

March 13, 2013

Hello Bully / Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mission statement: To rescue, rehabilitate and repair the reputation of the American Pit Bull Terrier.

About the organization: Hello Bully is a rescue, education, and advocacy group founded in 2005 with one simple goal – to make the world a better place for pit bulls. A 501c3 non-profit made up of non-salaried volunteers that dedicate their time and their hearts to the organization, Hello Bully supports spay/neuter, responsible ownership, and education, and believes that the “pit bull problem” is not a problem with dogs, but a problem with humanity.

Hello Bully maintains Pittsburgh’s only free pit bull spay/neuter and vaccine program, Pit Fix Plus. Since 2009, the program has operated at a rate of more than a dog a day – that’s over 1,800 Pittsburgh-area pit bulls that have been through the program! The Pit Bull 101 community educational program is suitable for all ages, and is available to interested groups and organizations at no cost. The Pit Bull Academy training seminars bring the benefits of private training to the community for free – lessening the chance that these dogs will be surrendered to shelters due to lack of training. Hello Bully volunteers are also active at local shelters, helping dogs in need.

In the summer of 2011, Hello Bully purchased a property in Cranberry Township, PA, and now operates the Hello Bully Halfway House, taking in homeless Pit Bulls and adopting them into loving, forever homes. Currently, this is a private facility and not open to the public.

Admission policy: Dogs are selected on a case-by-case basis. As a small, all-volunteer organization that focuses on quality, not quantity, Hello Bully incorporates both home and kennel settings to acclimate dogs before they find their forever homes.

Contact information:

Phone: 412.235.1997
Address: 4885-A McKnight Road #197 Pittsburgh, PA 15237
Website: hellobully.com
How to Volunteer: hellobully.com/volunteer, or email the Volunteer Recruiter at laura@hellobully.com.
Facebook: HelloBully
Twitter: @HelloBully
Blog: n/a
Instagram: @hellobully
Newsletter: n/a
Post-adoption support: Hello Bully strives to develop a long term relationship with adopters and offers support for the life of the dog and beyond, including training and health support.


Pit Bulls Rescued From Dog Fighting Ring

I am an animal welfare activist and pit bull advocate. I have owned several ‘pit bulls’ many years ago with small children so I know first hand they make great family pets. Unfortunately, I cannot own one or more where I live now due to BSL (breed specific legislation) and stereotypes. But I do volunteer for It’s the Pits, a bully breed rescue, and do what I can to help these poor misunderstood homeless american pit bull terrier and staffordshire bull terrier mixes which are all classified as ‘pit bulls’.

I came across this news article about 26 pit bulls rescued from a dog fighting ring in Florida written on 2/29/13. I cannot tell you how it warms my heart to hear these types of stories. These dogs have been trained to fight. Pit Bulls are very strong and powerful dogs and eager to please their owners. Dogs are like people, some are aggressive, some are not. You can’t judge a race of people, just as you can’t judge a dog breed by the deeds of a few! (People make their own choices, dogs do not). Many breeds are misidentified as ‘pit bulls’.

The media has portrayed them as man-eating, child-mauling dogs that should not be allowed to live with humans. There are many many pit bull owners that will testify that this is not the case. If you have never been around a pit bull and have set your mind against them from what you have heard, I say at least meet one from a responsible owner and see for yourself!

Society tends to forget that this breed was once ‘America’s Sweetheart’, nicknamed nanny dogs for their gentleness with children. And they were even war heroes. The dog did not change, society changed and started these horrible dog fighting rings, only to enforce the stereotype of our society today.  Pit Bull is actually not even a breed, but a variety of breeds with the same characteristics. American Pit Bull Terrier is a breed.

Check out this Video:The Best Pit Bull Video Ever!

Here is the article about the dogs saved. Pam Perry is of no relation to me and do not know her.

“Some of them are severely injured,” Pam Perry, with Hillsborough County Animal Control told ABC Action News. “Clear cuts to their faces, forelimbs, head, they are still bleeding.” All twenty-six dogs were brought to Hillsborough County Animal Services and have been seen by a veterinarian. Pam added, “We saved these dogs lives today.”

The dogs are all expected to survive, but some have a long road to recovery given the extent of their injuries and trauma. The dogs will go through rehabilitation prior to being made available for adoption.

Officials continue to investigate and will be charging several individuals in the case shortly.

Pam said that they have been responding to more and more calls regarding dog fighting rings located in rural areas. “It is weekly [that we bust these rings],” Pam said. In November, they busted a long standing ring in Seffner and in late October they rescued a dog who had been shot and buried up to her neck in the ground.  In all three cases the department received calls from concerned citizens.

Read full story…

Note: It is tragic when anyone is bit or attacked by any type of dog. It is my belief that this is due to irresponsible ownership.

Please if you hear of or see any type of animal abuse, call your local animal control office. This can be found on your county’s website. Example: County of San Diego>Community Services>Animals & Pets

ASPCA Report Animal Cruelty

Humane Society Report Animal Cruelty

English: American pit bull terrier (named Tutt...

American pit bull terrier (named Tuttle).