Rey, the Look Out

rey n milo collage editedRey watching over baby Milo.

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Sadly, Rey, Milo, and Cali got out of the house July 21st and have not seen them since. Cali is the baby of Milo and Rey, born December 25, 2014. I have had them since they were all babies. I miss them dearly and pray they are safe.

kitty collage edited



“House Cat” Lucky & The Shelter Cats


Jams For Animals is a non-profit that promotes kindness to animals & the people who love them, through original music & video. “House Cat” is the first single from the forthcoming CD, “Jams For Animals, Volume One”. “House Cat” is available online now.

Published on Sep 5, 2013

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Five Touch Healing Therapies for Your Pet

Photo Credit: Take 5 Massage

My pet sitting service, Touch of Home, is a play on words, since I use touch healing.

Massage~One of the most beneficial forms of touch is massage. It is recommended for problems with muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues. Massaging your pet increases blood flow, relieves sore spots, both of which help your pet heal more quickly. Massage isn’t only for muscles. It also reduces stress and strengthens the immune system. It helps rid the body of toxins and often recommended to help pets recover from surgery.

Relax pets with effleurage massage. This is a gentle massage using long, slow strokes, moving your palm from the head to tail and feet. Stimulate the muscles with petrissage. More vigorous that effleurage, helps relax and stretch scar tissue. You gently grip the muscles and give them a simultaneous roll and squeeze, like kneading and rolling dough. Buddha Dog is a small animal massage and wellness service in Los Angeles, CA. Click here for their free animals massage booklet.

Photo credit: mountain animal healing

Reiki~I use this healing technique mostly on my dogs and cats and pet guests. And have used on horses. We are called Reiki practitioners. There are many different types of Reiki, I practice Usui Reiki, founded by Mikao Usui in the 1920’s in Japan. Reiki (ray-kee) means universal or spiritual energy, also known as life force energy. Everyone can channel this energy from the Divine Source and can be attuned by a Reiki Master Teacher.

Animal Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of healing and relieving stress. It can be used on animals, plant life, people, food and more. I give Reiki to my pet food also for the best nutrition. It cannot harm your pets and is non-intrusive, putting your hands on or near the animal. Reiki works well with other therapeutic techniques and veterinary medicine. It is not meant to replace veterinary care.

The best thing about Reiki is you don’t even need to know what the issue is with the animal, Reiki goes where it is needed most in the body, whether physical or emotional.

Always ask animal’s permission before starting Reiki and thank them when finished. YES-pets will lick you or curl up by you and turn their body a certain way towards you. They are saying this is where I need Reiki. NO- they get up and leave or become agitated. That’s OK. Try again later. Animals accept Reiki more easily than humans.

First center yourself, taking several deep breaths and clearing your mind, just Be. Imagine a white light coming from Source or Universe through your crown chakra, or top of your head and filling your whole body. Permeating every cell and radiating out through your palms. Set your intention, ask pet for permission, lay hands gently on pet. Leggo your ego and let Reiki do its work. Meaning YOU are not the healer but the vessel that channels the energy.

Sometimes you feel tingling or heat in your hands, sometimes nothing. Reiki is still working. Usually pets will become very relaxed or go to sleep. Thank pet and Source for energy. Many Reiki practitioners ask for spiritual guidance as well. You CANNOT harm your pet! Do not worry about where your hands are. A good place to start is one hand on chest and and the other on the back of the neck.

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Reiki clears energy blocks that cause dis-ease. Beginners start by using certain hand placements on the seven main chakras and then you will become more intuitive about where to place your hands. Chakras are centers of energy, located on the midline of the body, and yes, animals have them, too. You can practice this before you are attuned. Some people are naturally gifted healers and intuitive. Maybe you are! Reiki also benefits animals transitioning to the ‘other’ side.

Therapeutic Touch~(not to be confused with Tellington TTouch, which I will talk about next). Theapueutic Touch comes from the ancient practice “laying on of hands,” in which the healer seeks to rebalance the energy field of the pet. In the 1970’s therapist Dora Kunz and Delores Krieger Ph.D., R.N., developed a systematic approach to this technique. TT does not touch the physical body, but rather the energy field 3 to 5 inches away from the body. This is an excellent therapy to get you ready for Reiki.

Tellington TTouch~Developed by Linda Tellington-Jones in 1978. Tellington TTouch uses the hands in a variety of ways to stroke, massage, and lift various parts of the body. The most basic technique involves making small circles with the fingers and hands, so that the cells are stimulated in a very subtle way. TTouch is easy to learn, requires no special equipment and it works! Over the past 20 years, hundreds of cases show TTouch to be a simple and effective means to relieve a vast range of common and uncommon health issues — from a simple headache to a life threatening emergency. TTouch is used for a sense of well-being, reducing stress, pain relief, depression, arthritis, deepening relationships, enhancing focus and learning and much more.

Acupressure~You use your fingertips to apply pressure to various points on your pet’s body. Acupressure works in much the same way as acupuncture, instead of using needles, you use your hands, focus, and healing intention, part of a 3,000 year old healing system called Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM. I want to point out that ALL these healing therapies use intention and energy.

According to this healing system, each animal’s ‘life force,’ or ki (kee) as in Reiki, or qi…chi (chee), moves through pathways called meridians, and can be accessed at specific points where a pathway courses close to the body’s surface.

Acupressure is used to support healing, reduce muscle spasms, strengthen immune system, and relieve pain. You are looking for a depression, or small indentation, in the muscle or in area between muscles, bones, and ligaments when looking for the pressure point. Closing your eyes may help you feel for the point and may actually feel the energy. Pressure points are never on the bony prominences or mountains, but in the valleys.

The benefits of acupressure are helps manage chronic pain, improves mobility, increase sense of well being, alleviate nausea, help control vomiting, increase strength, promote tissue healing, enhance circulation, increase blood flow, positively affect immune response and various organ functions.

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I would recommend being in a quiet place with your pet, calm and relaxed. Maybe a couple of deep breaths before you start any of these therapies. Veterinarians are always sending out wellness check up invites. By using one or more of these therapies, proper diet, love, and holistic care, we can eliminate the need for these. All of these therapies use energy, intention and intuition. They are safe, less expensive than vet visits, and can be used in conjunction with other therapies. You can learn these yourself or go to a holistic or naturopathic veterinarian.

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

Home Alone!

Published on Jul 9, 2012

1,000 pets were interviewed by Pets Add Life. Conclusion: Pets need a pal to talk to.
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Problem With Cats on Your Desk?

cats on desk

The Cat House on the

My cat does the same thing, she loves knocking pens in the floor. She helps me type on the computer, lies on the keyboard of my laptop. If you give your pets a special place in your home, it makes life easier for both of you. My cats were always knocking over the nick-knacks on my shelves, I made a shelf for them and put blankets on it. Problem solved.

Treatment by the Numbers

I have used holistic health remedies for my pets for several years and it led to me including this in my lifestyle as well! You start with a healthy diet. If you want to be part of the solution, to help the immune response, don’t kill the good guys (good bacteria)  with antibiotics (the answer for many things). Instead, add some well-studied immune support. Maybe echinacea, goldenseal, or vitamin C. Pets can take the same remedies people do, only different doses. (Cats may not take same remedies, such as lavender essential oil). Read this article from Dogs Naturally Magazine by Will Falconer DVM and you may never look at conventional medicine the same way again!

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