Horse Reiki at Mystic View Morgan Ranch

I told you that I would take pictures at this horse Reiki session. And I did, 121 of them. Reiki (Ray-key) is a Japanese system of promoting healing (physically & emotionally) using universal energy-life force energy. I will not share all of photos here, but give you a photo view of our horse Reiki session.

My Reiki teacher’s group went for our monthly student Animal Reiki outing at the Mystic View Morgan Ranch on 4/20/13.  After our Reiki session, we get to ride one of their 12 horses. They also have 6 dogs, chickens, and two pygmy goats.  Usually the same group of people, give or take a person.

Our assignment for today was to scan the horse’s chakras. Feel if there was any blockage that needed work or needed opening up. (Your hands will be drawn to the area that needs Reiki). We each picked a horse and went on our merry Reiki way. I love coming here and feeling the energy of the horses, earth, and sky. Always ask the animal permission before giving Reiki and give thanks for the Reiki energy afterwards and thank the animal by name if you know it. I thank my spirit guides, too.

Julie and Victor, owners of the Morgan Ranch. Julie is riding Leona.

We always start our Reiki session-people or animal-with Gassho position, hands in prayer position. We stand in a circle, asking the power of Reiki to flow through us, feeling the flow of Reiki for a  few moments.  Then bring our hands up to our third eye (middle of forehead) and ask the Reiki power to guide our hands and ask our spirit guides for assistance if you wish. We hold there for a moment or two. There is no right or wrong way to do this. It is all about your intention!

You have heard the expression, different strokes for different folks, same is true in Reiki. Many people will give you or recommend guided hand positions for people and animals. This is great for beginners and intending to heal a particular area or part of the body, In the end it is centering your heart, intuition and intention. Everyone and everything is made up of life force energy. Like anything else, it takes practice. Although some people are naturally intuitive or more intuitive than others.

When you have a stomach ache or stub your tow, you automatically put your hand on it. You are sending energy to this part without realizing it.

Reiki works well with mainstream medical care, veterinary care, holistic health care and other healing modalities. It is not meant to replace any type of medical care. Reiki works for the greatest good on all levels, whatever that may be.

We all have intuition, it is just a matter of whether we listen to it or not. You are unique and should never compare yourself to anyone else! Listen to your heart, most people know as your ‘gut’ feeling, and do what you are drawn to or what feels right for you.

I am giving Sparkles Reiki, she is 27 years old and roams around freely. I used the Earth and Sky meditation as well while giving Reiki.

JoAnn giving Rhythm Reiki.

Rhythm after this session. 🙂

Gabriella, my Reiki teacher, with Lady.

Norma giving Lady Reiki.

Lady getting Reiki by JoAnn and Gabriella.

My riding lesson on Leona by Julie after the Reiki session. I grew up riding horses, but it has been many years since I rode. Julie wanted me to just ‘feel’ the horse, feel her rhythm and be one with the horse. She first told me to shut my eyes, you cannot see this. After I got accustom to this, I rode around the arena several times, then took my foot out of the stirrups, which actually felt better to me. Rode around the arena several times. Then Julie told me to let go of the reins and put my hands on my thighs. After several times around the arena, she then told me to put my hands out like an airplane. This was a great experience and I would recommend this for anyone, beginner or experienced rider if you have never done this!


I am giving Sparkles Reiki where my hand was drawn or guided to. The energy comes from Source, not me. I am a channel for this healing energy.

Lady, she is soooo beautiful!

My daughter, Samantha, riding Leona. She is an experienced rider.

photo from Equine Wellness Group

Equine Wellness Group

Note: The animal(s) you are drawn to is your animal totem. I believe you have one main animal totem or animal spirit guide. Different animal guides will come into your life as needed. Also animals, birds, insects, and mammals come into our life to give us messages.

Reiki For Horses

Me and Rhythm

Me and Rhythm

I started practicing Reiki in October 2010, Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a Japanese healing system using life force (universal/spiritual) energy. Rei means spirit, ki means energy. I go to Reiki shares and student Reiki classes monthly taught by my Reiki Master Teacher, Gabriella Cairo. She is a great teacher and dedicated to her students. She goes above and beyond most Reiki Master Teachers.

I started practicing Reiki because 1) I was ‘drawn’ to learn 2) I wanted to heal animals 3) it doesn’t matter what your education background or spiritual (religious) beliefs are and 4) everyone and everything is life force energy

My Reiki class went to Julie and Victor Calleja horse ranch in El Cajon (pronunded L-Kuhone), California February 2013, we liked it so much we decided to make this a monthly class as well. So on the third weekend of every month we go to Julie and Victors’ on Saturday and give their horses Reiki. On Sunday we go to Gabriellas’ home for our student Reiki. (Our Reiki share is on another weekend).

On March 16, 2013 our Reiki class (5 of us) went to Julie and Victors’ to practice Reiki and ride the horses. They have about 15 horses, mostly morgans. My ‘assignment’ was to pick a horse and give it Reiki. I picked Bella. I am learning animal communication, so I integrate this into Reiki. Always ask permission from the animal before giving Reiki just as you would a person.

I approached Bella in her pen, asked permission and started ‘scanning’ her (my hands near her body) to see if I was drawn to a particular area. My hands were drawn to her chest area and hind quarters. (The energy does not come from me but through me from the Divine Source). I could feel the energy being drawn from my hands, this means the horse (animal) is taking or receiving the Reiki energy. I stood there for a while basking in the Reiki ‘light’.



Then Sparkles (who walks around freely) came up to me. I ask her if she wanted Reiki. She put her mouth to my hand. It was so fascinating! I gave her Reiki, too. With Reiki you do not have to touch the animal or person, life force energy {energy that animates the body and the universe, when unblocked and properly directed, can help the body to heal itself. also known as chi (qi) in Chinese or prana} can travel or go anywhere. Everything is energy and we are the channel for this energy. You can usually feel this energy in your hands as warmth or a tingling sensation. Sometimes you feel nothing, which doesn‘t mean it is not there. The object is to let go of your ego and let the Reiki flow and do its work for the good of the animal. If the animal has a particular illness or injury you can set your intention to heal that area.



I do not have pictures of the Reiki session. I did not think of it at the time. Next time I will take photos or a short video of the Reiki session with the horses. Bella is the horse I started giving Reiki to and Sparkles came up to me.

A lot of times animals will come up to you while giving Reiki to another animal. They are drawn to the Reiki energy. Usually the Reiki session would continue as long you feel the energy flowing. I ended my session early though due to time constraints. Reiki energy is used for healing and relieving stress for people, animals, plants and much more!

Animal Reiki with Kathleen Prasad