Lexi’s New Home

lexi's urn front customlexi's urn back customlexi's urn front cropA huge THANK YOU to Matt Kennedy for making this urn for my Lexi. She loves her new home. Matt makes his own pottery that is unique with each piece and tattoos on the design. The thing I love most about his work is the ‘energy’ from his heart he puts into every piece! He also makes tattoo vases, tiles, and pots.

Artist Statement
The pure energy that comes through my spirit and into my hands creates a centering effect within me and what I create. The passion I have for the art of tattooing comes though in each piece bringing design inspiration into form. My work is simple and elegant. It gives me great pleasure to bare my soul to you.

You can see Matt’s work at www.ceramictattooart.com


Letter to Lexis

lexis memorial box Lexis’ ashes were returned to me yesterday. I am scattering part of them at dog beach in Ocean Beach, CA and I am keeping part of them; her two-week anniversary of leaving this earth. My friend, Matt Kennedy is making a pet memorial urn. He makes his own pottery, tattoos on design and makes each piece with loving energy.

I wrote a letter to Lexis the other day, I wanted to share with you. One reason I do this is to help me through my grief and the other reason is to maybe help someone else going through the loss of their furry family member. Every one has their own process of grief. I like to write, memorialize her on Facebook and help other dogs in need, which we always did together. It is a great legacy to do something in honor of your pet.

Dearest Lexi,

I miss you so much! One day I was working on the computer and reached over to pet you, you weren’t there. I say good morning and good-night to you everyday. You are first on my mind and the last at night. I ask God every day to help me through this day without you.

I dedicated this blog to you and you will always be my inspiration. I keep up with your Facebook page we made together your last week with me. We are still helping dogs in need in your honor.

The smallest things remind me of you. When I see your picture, sometimes I smile, sometimes I cry. When I feed your siblings, I miss putting out your dish. Your siblings miss you terribly and we comfort each other.

I fell in love with you, your first night with me. It was a trial and you passed with flying colors. And things only got better from then. I remember all the things we did together, how nice you were to all our visitors and I smile.

Sometimes when I think of you and get very sad, you tell me, “I’m still here, do not weep.” You will forever be in my heart and my inspiration!

Love, Mom

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