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A friend of mine who is an elementary teacher started a program to educate elementary kids about animal care, pets and animal professions at her school that will start in September 2012. My blog is targeted for adults, so I added a kid’s corner.

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So many times, I have walked my dogs and kids come running up to them. That is fine for my Golden Retriever, she loves all attention and does not mind anyone running up to her, touching her face or being surrounded. My Shih Tzu however, does mind. She is a rescue and was abused. Although we have had her for 3 years, she still gets a little nervous when kids touch her face and she does not like being surrounded. She use to nip in this situation but does tolerate it now. I always give the kids a mini-lesson on how to approach a strange dog.

  • Does your child know how to approach a strange dog?
  • Has your child cared for a pet?
  • Does your child own a pet or want one?
  • Has your child visited an animal shelter?
  • Has your child ever been bit?
  • Does your child respect animals?

To change animal overpopulation and animal cruelty, we need to educate our youngsters! We need to teach them how to care for pets, the responsibility and the love that goes along with pet care.

Healthy play habits between kids and family pets don’t always come naturally—children need guidance in interacting safely and respectfully with animals.

Arrange play dates for your kids and pets—supervised by you—to help build a mutual respect in the same way that play dates between children create healthy friendships.

Kids 3 To 8 Years Old:

  • Your child and dog can race with each other to a designated finish line. If necessary, you can run with your dog on a leash.
  • Your child can throw a toy for your pet to retrieve.
  • Armed with treats, your child can hide while you stay with your pet. When your child calls out, let your pet go search for him. When your pet finds him, let your child give the treats as a reward.
  • If your dog likes to chase water sprayed from a hose or water gun, your child can operate the sprayer or toy gun. While you’re supervising, have your child spray the ground a few feet away from your dog and then rapidly move the stream of water away from her, along the ground. (Watch your dog for signs that she’s not having fun anymore. If she isn’t actively chasing or trying to bite the stream of water, it’s time to stop.)
  • Your child can blow bubbles for your pet to catch. You can purchase a bubble toy made especially for dogs, such as the Fetch a Bubble Big Bubble Blaster or the Bubble Buddy. These toys produce flavored bubbles that are safe for dogs to ingest. Please do not use regular bubble solution. It can cause mild stomach upset and can sting your pet’s eyes.
  • Your child and pet can team up to find treats that you’ve hidden. While your pet can excel at finding things hidden near the ground, your child can find things hidden higher-up.
  • Your child can entice your pet to chase a toy tied to the end of a rope. You can also buy an inexpensive lunge whip from a horse tack or feed store and tie a ball or other toy to the end of it. Then your child can twirl the whip in a big circle and let your pet chase the toy.

 Pet Safety Guide for Parents and Children

2 thoughts on “Kid’s Korner

  1. Love it that you added a kids corner. My goal is to have a portal on my new Website just for kid animal lovers. I writer dog leader mysteries for readers 9 to 12 and have an informational thread and scenes demonstrating good and not-so-good animal treatment.

    • Hi Deborah, love your site. Looks like we write about a lot of the same things. I want to add a lot more to my kid’s korner. I believe educating children will help stop animal abuse. I have a friend who is an elementary school teacher/dog rescuer and she educates her school children. I look forward to reading more of your blog. I wanted to know if I could post your kids reading recommendation on my kid’s korner? I would like to write a kid’s book on proper animal care someday, too. thanks

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